Dog meme: That viral dog that was laughed at in memes is no more – memes are emotional

Dog meme: That viral dog that was laughed at in memes is no more – memes are emotional

There are many memes in use with different expressions. The most viral dog in memes is ‘Kabosu’. This is a favorite dog of memers. Needless to say, it is an internet sensation. Once upon a time, Elon Musk thought that the image of this kabosu dog would be used as the Twitter logo. Elon Musk also shared a photo of it. This dog has become more viral.  Now it has once again been highlighted on the internet. Kabosu died due to illness. Its owners once announced that it was suffering from cancer. It is said that many types of treatments have been provided for it. Now it seems to be 18 years old. It is also possible for a dog to live to this age. Even if it does not have cancer, it is likely to die of old age. This dog has about 20 lakh followers on social media. 

The world came to know about Kabosu in 2010. At that time, some memers converted Kabosu’s expressions into memes. Many people used them. Photos of this dog are seen everywhere. cryptocurrency. Kabosu’s face is used as its symbol. Dogcoin is the eighth largest cryptocurrency in the crypto world. After Bitcoin, the most searched crypto currency on Google is Dog Coin. 

This dog lives in Japan. In 2010, its owners posted photos of Kabosu on social media. They are used by memes because they have good expressions. This dog meme is still found on many people’s phones. The Instagram account in his name has many followers. In this, the owners who are raising this dog have been informing the netizens about its health condition from time to time. They said that last year it fell seriously ill. Later he said that his health improved. Now the cancer has progressed and it has been announced that he has died. This dog is also known as Chims alias Chintu. Most people call this dog Chintu in Telugu. Chintu was also used by Telugu memers for ten years. Now knowing that he has passed away many memers are paying their respects. 



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