Dog Attacks: Why Do Dogs Become Aggressive? What does dog psychology say?

Why Do Dogs attack Humans:  . Psychology says that pets are very intelligent. But…we had our own psychology. Don’t animals have it? Dogs also have a psychology. Now there is a reason for discussion. Earlier Ghaziabad, then Uttar Pradesh, now Kerala. In some places in a row, dogs have attacked many people. Not just stray dogs. Pet dogs are also behaving like this. A visual of a child being assaulted in an apartment lift has already gone viral. Later a dog attacked a food delivery boy. It is in the background of these incidents that the discussion has come to the fore. Some are demanding that Pitbulls be banned from breeding, saying that this danger is present only with Pitbulls. ok Putting this ban thing aside for a while…it’s not just pit bulls. Why would any dog ​​think of attacking humans..? Why are they angry with us? Until then, why do they lose discretion as they are normal..? All these questions are answered by Dog Psychology. 

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What Does Dog Psychology Say..? 

< p>Dogs seem very aggressive when biting. After falling on it for a long time and getting bitten, it immediately becomes normal again and runs away from there. Street Dogs‌ Some experts who have looked closely at the behavior and understand their psychology have explained why they behave the way they do. Let’s talk about stray dogs first. Street Dogs (Street Dogs) Territorial‌ (Territorial) are. That is, if dogs from other areas come to their place, they will bark loudly. Fall on them and eat them. They keep on doing this until they leave. Dogs have a sense of insecurity that other dogs will come and grab the food they find, or other dogs will come and occupy their resting areas. That’s why they behave so aggressively. They are made gradually. Lose mental balance. 

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Street dogs come from birth facing a chastity. Where they fall, they grow. They eat whatever falls. Some tease them as children. pelted with stones. It is pulled by the tail. Wherever they go, they say ‘chee’. Food and water are not available properly. These conditions make them gradually  Aggressive. People get angry and angry. When people become aggressive, they express that feeling by creating destruction, yelling at others and taking the burden off. The same goes for dogs. When they get angry, they attack whoever is in front of them. Children mostly play in the streets and enjoy torturing dogs. That’s why…children under six years of age are more likely to be bitten by dogs. In addition to…old people walking‌ When they come for that, they attack them. Fearing that something will be done to them, they fall on themselves first and bite. 

Why do pet dogs bite..? 

There are all the reasons why street dogs become so angry. Why do pet dogs bite? Food and bed are all arranged for them at the right time..! That doubt may come. However, each breed of dog has different characteristics. Experts say that if you look at dogs of two different breeds, about 60-70% of the characteristics are different. A breed from India but they adjust to the climate here. Whenever we get a dog of a different breed
that’s when the problems start. They cannot get used to the climate here very quickly. Even if they are not treated with love, they will react very quickly even if they are looked down upon. There are some hunter dogs. They are very angry. It is very difficult if they are not engaged in some work. Lose mental balance. Apart from destroying things, they fall on people and bite severely. Even if they don’t have much communication with people…or they don’t like the environment they are in…they act like this. Another thing is… controlling pets too much… is another reason why they become angry. Always chained and kept at home without taking anywhere is dangerous. 

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Do you have to sign before eating? 

Dogs are supposed to attack. But…experts show that dogs need some cues before they bite. Saying When a dog’s tail wags…we think they are coming very lovingly. But…their behavior is not the same every time. Even before biting, dogs wag their tail repeatedly. They express their feelings like this. Then attack. Whenever dogs repeatedly look away…it means they want space. That means…whoever goes in that direction, they become aggressive. Even if we behave in a way they don’t like…even if they don’t like us going where they are…they yawn repeatedly. Or I touch their lips with my tongue. Signs of hunger or sleep. At a time like this, whoever appears there gets angry. If such symptoms appear…it is better to be careful and stay away. 

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