Does triple increase memory? This is the memoryless patient’s self-experience!

Telugu songs till now were full of triplets. Large porches and porches full of flowers add a lot of beauty to the house. But now there are no driveways to get three. Even if we don’t have the patience and time to finish beautifully there. These days, there are very few driveways where a maid sweeps, sprinkles wood and draws the two lines she likes into three. In old traditions something does not exist without a good reason. When we know that, we think that is it. Such is the self-experience of a young woman named Bhargavi.

Bhargavi, like all of us, is a woman with modern feelings and a busy life in studies. A career as a photographer is shaping up. When her career was going down, suddenly one day her life turned upside down. She suffered a head injury in a major car accident. As a result, almost everything that happened in the past ten years was forgotten. Memory loss like in the movie Ghajini. Her life changed. She could not remember anyone she had known for ten years. Even the education that was studied is almost forgotten. Being a professional photographer, she even forgot how to use a camera.

Her family members made various attempts. Also met many doctors. But no big result was seen. But their mother did not give up her faith. They tried to remind her by telling her all the things of her childhood. During her school days, Bhargavi had a habit of hanging out in front of the house. Learning how to play with love. It was three o’clock before their father went for an early morning walk. When Vallamma reminded her of that, she started thinking of making a triangle again, due to her mental effort to connect the dots and dots, her brain cells rejuvenated and slowly started to change in her.

This art form of dots and lines is very old. One should not be surprised when we learn about the scientific things hidden in mugu which has a history of almost 5 thousand years. Psychiatrists point out that the process of arranging the dots symmetrically and connecting them beautifully is no less than practicing maths. Hence Bhargavi was able to re-stimulate her brain cells. She was able to bring back not one or two but ten years of memories. Not being able to remember people, not understanding anything properly. She said that she used to have trouble drinking even a glass of water without the help of someone, and now she is thinking about the ultimate meaning of life from the feeling that everything is over and there is no meaning in this life. Bhargavi says that she did not know the importance of Mugla which she learned as a child.. But she could not have imagined that it would work so well.

Starting the day with Mugla again. She tried hard to get more information about the triplets but she couldn’t find the right information. She learned that there is no one-size-fits-all, scientific approach to learning about three. Bhargavi is running an organization for Muggula, thinking that this art form called kolam in Tamil should have a recognition. Its name is Kolam Pondu. Mughals from various traditions are collected through this institution. They even teach you how to wear them. Kolam drawing videos have been made available for this. Anyone from small children to adults can learn Muggweyyam by watching these videos.

By teaching Muggweyyam, not only did she bring an identity to this art form, but Bhargavi was able to bring back her lost memories. Meditation improves concentration and improves brain function. Bhargavi says that the beautiful trio that came at the end is pleasing to the mind and brings happiness. She has collected around 15 hundred mugs. Bhargavi says that she has noticed an increase in creativity and improvement in problem solving skills as a result of grouping. Moreover, she says in the happiness of overcoming the problem that showing off the muggu that she has done is like a thread that holds everyone together. And because we do the finishing work ourselves instead of handing it over to the workers, we have these benefits. Let’s break it down nicely. Let’s show everyone.

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