Do you use ‘ice water’ on your face? First know its disadvantages, otherwise these problems will bother you a lot.

Do you use ‘ice water’ on your face?  First know its disadvantages, otherwise these problems will bother you a lot.

Ice Water Facial: What people do not do to make the skin beautiful and glowing. Some use different types of paste and some try the recipe of ice water. As summer has arrived, many people will turn to cool things. Some people also use ice to keep the skin healthy in summer, such as applying ice or putting mouth in ice water. The use of ice on the face is called ice water facial. 

Ice water facials are considered very beneficial for the face. It is believed that by using this your skin remains cool and glow also appears on the face. Ice water facial removes toxins from your skin and also reduces stress. However, due to using it wrongly many times, it harms the facial skin instead of giving benefits. While doing ice water facial, you should take care of some things, otherwise these skin related problems can be embraced.

Disadvantages of Ice Water Facial

1. Skin irritation

While using ice water, if ice cubes are applied directly on the face or on the skin, it can cause irritation. Therefore, to avoid these problems, always tie a piece of ice in a handkerchief or a cotton cloth and apply it on the face. After applying ice on the face, wash it thoroughly with clean water.

2. Risk of bacterial infection

If you do direct ice water facial without washing your face, avoid doing so from next time. Because this can cause bacterial infection on your face. By rubbing ice on the dirty face, the bacteria and dirt present on the face enter into the pores of the skin. Due to which you may have skin infection. 

3. Harmful to sensitive skin

For people whose skin is very sensitive, ice water facials can prove to be harmful. People with sensitive skin may have skin problems with ice cubes. People with dry skin can also face the problem of irritation by doing facials with ice water daily.

4. Blood flow to the skin is affected

Ice water can affect the blood flow in the facial skin. This is the reason why these important things should always be taken care of while doing ice water facials. If you already have any skin related problem or disease, then avoid doing ice water facial without doctor’s consultation. 

Disclaimer: Follow the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article. Before doing this, take the advice of a doctor or related expert.

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