Do you know what color roses mean during Valentine's week?

Do you know what color roses mean during Valentine's week?

Usually the first  gift we send when we love someone is a rose flower. If those who don't know but those who know give us a rose.. do they love us..? There is no doubt why the rose was given. February is called the month of lovers. Because Valentine's Day week in this month is happy for some people and difficult for others. Like every year, this year also  Valentine's Week started on 7th February with Rose Day. This week starts with Rose Day and ends with Valentine's Day. Each day of this week has its own significance. This year Rose Day, the first day of Valentine's Day week, is particularly significant. On that day, lovers express their love for each other by giving roses to their lover. However, this  Valentine's week  each rose flower has a significance. Let's find out what it is here  now.

Significance of Rose Flower Colors:

Red Rose : This Valentine's week, spread the red rose on others. Used to express our love. If you think of it in a way.. In the language of love, if you give a red rose..  "i love you" It means So, if you want to propose to someone, give a red rose. After that they will understand the whole scene. 

Pink Rose: Many people do not know Pink Rose. If you give it to a girl but not a boy, it means you are thanking a true friendship. So if you have a true friend, try gifting them a rose during Valentine's week. This will also strengthen the bond of friendship between you. In short, if you want to congratulate someone, give them a pink rose and say what's on your mind. 

Purple rose:  In the language of love, the purple rose has a  specialty. Giving roses of this color as part of this Valentine's week means a true friendship between two people. More to the point.. It also represents the  recognition of true friendship. 

Yellow Color Rose: There is no need to say anything special about yellow roses. Yellow color rose  represents friendship between two. Not only in love but also in friendship there is love, liking and admiration. Give a yellow rose to your loved ones and tell them that you want your friendship to last forever. 

White Rose: White rose is used in many occasions. You can also choose a white rose to give to someone before they get married. Moreover, it conveys pure love to others. Many people give these white roses during Valentine's week. 

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