Do you know how much the rampwalk models in our country earn per year? Girls are the top in that regard

We can estimate the salary of a software engineer, depending on the post we can say the salary of a government employee but what many people don’t know is the salaries of those in the modeling field. How much do they earn per year? It is a doubt that many people have. Modeling jobs are good in our country. If not, Bollywood celebrities are acting like models, so those who have chosen modeling as a job are suffering a bit.

What do models do?
Clothing brand companies put their clothes on beautiful models. Photos are taken. They are used for promotion. Also models appear in many advertisements on TV. Especially famous designers walk the ramp on international platforms to showcase their clothes. There are many modeling agencies in our country. Designers and show organizers select models through them. 

How much are the salaries?
Models include both Ada and Maga. A brand signs a contract with them for a year. In that case, they will be paid salaries for the year. If a male model is paid Rs.30 lakhs, female models can be paid up to Rs.40 lakhs. This amount is more than the annual salary of those who have studied in famous institutes like IIT and IIM. The initial salary for freshers in those institutes is up to lakhs of rupees per annum.  

Through advertisements…
A Delhi-based modeling agency said that male models earn two to two and a half lakhs per month by participating in commercials and designer shoots. It is explained that the same women will get from three lakh rupees to three and a half rupees. Designer shoots means posing for photos wearing any dress. They earn 30 to 35 thousand rupees for each shoot. There are top models who participate in 20 shoots a month. After GST is gone, they will have up to five hundred lakhs per month.  If you act in the same commercials, you will get eighty thousand to one lakh rupees per day. Some people even demand two lakhs. 

For ramp walk…
And for ramp walk i.e.  For cat walk on the runway wearing designer clothes. Male models earn Rs 7,000 to 10,000. If they are the same girls, they charge 15 thousand to 20 thousand rupees. 

They are the top
Apart from Bollywood celebrities, these are the top models in our country. Ricky Chatterjee, Sonalika, Sahay, Lakshmi Rana, Archana Akhil Kumar are excelling as female models. Among the men are Vivek Dhiman, Bardeep Dhiman, Nitin Gupta, Gaurav Chaudhary, Vaibhav Anand. 

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