Digital Detox: Do you know what they do in that town where phones and TVs are off for an hour and a half every day?

Salways a siren rings in that village at 7 o’clock in the night. Immediately all the people of that village take out their phones, TVs and electronic gadgets and put them aside. For about an hour and a half no one in the village uses any electronic devices including phones. What is it? Why do you do that every day? How do you pass the time for that hour and a half? Do you doubt the reason behind this decision? But you must know about the village. 

The villagers of Sangli district in Maharashtra sensed the coming trouble early. Hence, all the people there took a decision together. When the siren rings at 7 o’clock in the night.. no matter how many important things you do, don’t touch the phone. Calls are not attended. They drop them at home and wander around town. At least children are not given phones. They are not even allowed to watch TV. All of them should be off for about an hour and a half. And you doubt what they all do at that time?

At that hour, children open books and study intelligently. All the elders of the respective villages sit in one place and discuss about the development programs to be undertaken in the village. This tradition which started with a single village is now spreading to every village in the district. There is a strong reason to do this. 

Of course people these days revolve around technology. On line  From ordering luxury goods to daily necessities like groceries, everything is done online. They cannot live without a smart phone and social media. Due to the excessive use of the phone, blue light exposure is causing insomnia. Brain related problems are caused due to radiation.

It is in this background that experts suggest to practice digital detox regularly. They want to stay away from smart phones at least for a few hours. In other areas, whoever follows this procedure or not, their phones will be put away as soon as the siren rings at 7 pm every day. TVs are turned off. Do not go to them for about an hour and a half. In addition to doing homework related to children, the village  The people of that village discuss about the matters related to progress.

Teachers noticed that when the children went to school after the corona epidemic, everyone became lazy. He realized that he could not read and write. He told the village sarpanch that the students were looking at their cell phones a lot. In this context, the Sarpanch revealed that the idea of ​​digital detox has been implemented in his village.   

What is digital detox?

Many people are becoming addicted to cell phones. Many people are suffering from physical and mental problems due to looking at their phones for hours. To avoid this, staying away from using phones and digital things is called digital detox.  

What are the benefits of Digital Detox?

Senseof self-awareness increases as Digital Detox cools. Social interactions increase. There will be a chance to sleep well. Skin beautifies. Better productivity results. Mental health benefits are likely. Avoid stress and anxiety. May be satisfied.  There is a chance to increase self-esteem. More time can be spent on healthy, varied pursuits in life.

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