Diabetes: Eating dinner late? But diabetes is a threat

Diabetes: Eating dinner late?  But diabetes is a threat

Eating food on time is a part of a healthy lifestyle. But now many people are eating breakfast, lunch and dinner whenever they want, instead of when they have to. Especially eating at dinner time is more important than breakfast and lunch. Doctors explain that people who eat late at night have more health problems. Many studies have already been done on this subject. In the past, American Brigham Hospital doctors also conducted a research. It has been found that those who eat food late at night are more likely to develop diabetes. People who wake up at night and eat late meals have been found to have higher blood sugar levels. They warn that people who do this are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes sooner. It is explained that having a meal at seven o’clock in the night can reduce the chances of health problems. Our metabolism is at its peak from morning to evening. This means that whatever is eaten at that time, the body has the power to digest it. From evening onwards, that energy is declining. That is why it is suggested to eat a light meal at night. But many people eat powerful food like biryani, non-veg, paneer curry at night. That too many people are interested in eating after 9 pm. Having such heavy meals late is very damaging to the body. It is better if such a large menu is eaten at lunch.

Due to a late meal, the body prevents the body from producing the hunger hormone leptin. This prevents the hunger hormone from doing its job on time. This affects the body. The desire to eat highly fried, high sugar and high fat foods increases. Also insulin production should be rested at night like other body parts. But eating too much at night can lead to overproduction of insulin. This increases insulin sensitivity. This increases the blood sugar levels.

Studies show that those who eat heavy meals after four in the evening are more hungry. Moreover, they are more likely to accumulate fat. So if you want to eat high-calorie, high-fat foods like biryani, pizza, burger, try to eat them in the morning. 

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