Diabetes: Does loneliness increase the risk of diabetes? What do the studies say?

Diabetes: Once diabetes is present, it cannot be completely eradicated unless it is controlled. That is why it is better to be careful before it comes than to suffer after it comes. But lifestyle should be changed to reduce the chances of diabetes. Until now, only family history, bad lifestyle and certain types of food were thought to be the cause of diabetes. But now they are joined by another. That is ‘loneliness’. A new study says that those who live their lives alone are more likely to develop diabetes sooner. The study was conducted by Roger Henriksen, associate professor at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and his colleagues. In addition to examining the association between loneliness and the risk of developing diabetes, depression and insomnia also play a role. A recent study found that they are prone to stress, and that stress increases the chance of developing type 2 diabetes. Researchers have explained that loneliness causes physical and mental stress, and if it is prolonged, it increases the risk of diabetes. Excess release of the stress hormone cortisol can lead to insulin resistance. Also there are changes in eating behavior in the brain. This increases appetite. It also increases the desire to eat food containing carbohydrates. Eating like that increases blood sugar levels. This increase causes diabetes. 

And other problems…
Loneliness increases many more problems. Many other problems like diabetes, depression, anxiety can come. These cause chronic diseases. There is a possibility that the man is too depressed to share his feelings. Health is also good if single people get married early. 

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