Diabetes Diet: If you follow this diet plan, diabetes will be controlled within a week

Once you have diabetes, it is nobody’s business to get rid of it, but you can stay healthy by keeping it under control. Make sure that the blood sugar levels do not increase. For that they have to impose dietary restrictions on themselves. Diabetes can lead to chronic diseases if not controlled. Kidney, eye and heart problems are more common. Life threatening situations occur. Famous nutritionist Nikki Sagar has prepared a diet plan for diabetic patients. If you follow this, it is said that sugar will be under control within a week. 

What to do…
Diabetes should drink 3 to 4 glasses of water daily. Also soak fenugreek seeds in water and drink that water. Eat a handful of almonds or walnuts daily. Also follow the daily diet plan as mentioned below. Monday Breakfast: One mixed with nuts like almonds or walnuts. cup of oats. Low fat milk should be used for its preparation. It is rich in fiber which prevents diabetes. 
Lunch: 1 roti or one cup of brown rice. A bowl of chicken or paneer, a bowl of curd. 

Snacks: An apple or a berry. 

Dinner:< /strong> One or two rotis, a cup of lentils,  a cup of curry cooked with cauliflower, mushrooms, broccoli etc. 

Breakfast: Omelette with egg whites. One guava or orange. 

Lunch: One cup of brown rice or Okachapati.  Fried fish or stir-fried vegetables, one cup of yogurt.

Snacks: One cup of sprouts or boiled corn.


strong> A couple of chapatis, a cup of dal or a cup of curry. 

Breakfast: Spread with poha or gram flour. An omelet or bread toasts are also good options. Do not eat bread made from flour. Choose wheat, whole grains.

Lunch: One cup of curry cooked with chicken or paneer. One cup of brown rice, one cup of yogurt. 

Snacks: Few dates, nuts, popcorn

Dinner: Whole grain pasta, a cup of cooked curry with green vegetables

Breakfast: An orange  fruit or guava fruit.  Vegetable Stuffed Paratha.

Lunch: Lettuce or  Rice with Chicken Egg Curry

Snacks: Vegetable Soup or Chicken-coriander soup

Dinner: One cup quinoa rice, one cup lentils

Breakfast: Brown bread sandwich, an apple or an egg

Lunch: Rice or a chapati.  Chicken curry, a cup of curd

Snacks: Fried Makhanas

Dinner: Two chapatis, mushroom curry p>

Breakfast: Upma, Poha or Idli with fresh fruit juice 

Lunch: Rice with fried fish or egg curry, chapati can be eaten instead of rice.

Snacks: Paneer snacks or boiled corn. 

Dinner: Chapati, chana masala curry. 

Breakfast: plain dosha, fruit juice

< p>Lunch: Rice or chapati with dal makhani, a bowl of vegetable salad

Snacks: Banana chips or kakarakaya chips

Dinner: Vegetable Pulao or Chicken Egg Pulao

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