Diabetes: Can people with diabetes drink alcohol? What precautions should be taken if drinking

Diabetes patients should avoid certain types of food. Otherwise their health can quickly deteriorate and become fatal. Medicines must also be taken. If you are careless, you are bound to suffer from serious health problems. And there are many alcohol lovers. But they don’t stop drinking alcohol even after developing diabetes. Due to this, their life expectancy is very high. Moreover, premature death may also occur to them. Because people with diabetes should not drink alcohol. Even if it is a habit, you have to give it up. Otherwise serious consequences are inevitable. 

Effect on the nervous system…
People with diabetes should follow proper dietary precautions. If their diet is high in sugar, it affects the nervous system. There is a possibility of quick nerve damage. If such alcohol is consumed, that alcohol can also damage the nerves. This means that if people with diabetes drink alcohol, the nerves are damaged twice as fast. If the nerves are damaged, there will be many problems. At the basic level, the legs and arms are very numb, burning and prickling. Later the legs and feet become numb, sore, and may eventually need to be removed. That is why it is better to avoid alcohol. 

If you have to drink alcohol one day by accident, drink it in a very small amount. Eat immediately. If you don’t eat after drinking alcohol, it’s too much of a problem. Also diabetes medicines should be taken only after meals. Don’t wear it if you don’t eat. Glucose levels are likely to drop if you do not eat after drinking alcohol. Then a condition called hypoglycemia may occur. It is very deadly. If treatment is not provided immediately at that time, life may not survive. 

People who are taking medicines should never drink alcohol, be it any medicine. Because sometimes serious situations can be faced. Some say ‘No, I drink alcohol and take medicine every day’ Dhima expresses that. Dangerous situations do not always come, they come suddenly. It is better to take precautions than to suffer later. That is why it is better to avoid alcohol even on the day of antibiotics and pain killers. In some people, the combination of these drugs and alcohol can lead to bloody vomiting.

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