Dhanurmasam Special Sweet : Uttarandhra Brand like Agra Sweets This Dhanurmasam Chikki – not available to everyone..always available ! That’s why it’s special


Dhanurmasam Special Sweet :  This is a sweet offered to God. That sweet is also given as a saree to newly married girls. This sweet is a must have for Sankranti festival. Another specialty of this sweet is that it is available only in winter. Above all, the love symbol loved by lovers is in  shape. It is also prepared in many different ways and this Sankranti sweet is available only for a month and a half.  This special sweet is not available anywhere. Only available in North Andhra. These are known by the manufacturers as lancets. Common people call it Dhanurmasa Chikkilu. This sweet is famous in Uttarandhra with this name. How is it actually made? Why not make this sweet which is made only in winters in summer…?  What are these sweet birthday wishes…?

Puri Jagannath’s Prasadam Dhanurmasa Chikki ! 

Chikkis usually made with pallis (peas), almonds, jaggery and sugar can be found in many places. . But these Dhanurmasa Chikkis made from grain milk are Sankranti special. If you can’t eat this sweet during Sankranti…you have to wait for another Sankranti. This Dhanurmasa Chikilu is in Ichapuram of Srikakulam district. It is mostly made in villages near Odisha. A few generations ago, the families who came from Odisha and settled in Uttarandhra started making this sweet. For now, you have to go to Ichhapuram for Dhanurmasa Chikki. But over time, their sales spread to many parts of Uttar Andhra. Due to this, the sweet flavors of Dhanurmasa are known to many people in Uttarandhra. Manufacturers say that this sweet also has medicinal properties.

How is it made?  

They are made every year from November   to January    It is prepared in Dhanur month itself. This is the Chikki done in Dhanurmasam. It is offered as prasad to Lord Jagannath in Puri. It is a good decongestant if taken at night time after food. In this sugar, coconut, vamu, fennel are mixed and prepared.  After harvest, the farmers chew the new grain and grind it with their milk. To this milk, coconut flakes, cashews and almonds are also used for the nutritional value and decoration. Special designs are also made on orders.   These are from grains. It is called explosion. After mixing vamu and fennel in the paste, they should be mixed hot and pressed. Otherwise the caramel will be hard. If it dries up, it is useless. It should be done immediately without shouting.

Not possible after only one and a half months of preparation !

Preparation of these is possible only when the grain is in hand.  The month lasts for fifteen days and then the season ends…nothing else. After harvesting, the grain stands are kept. The old grain is taken and pounded and made into pelas and these are first sent as prasad to the Puri Jagannatha Swamy temple in Odisha. After that it is sent to some temples and then it is sold. People from other countries also give orders for this seat which is available for these two months..

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