Depression After Child Birth: Increasing problem of postpartum depression among women after childbirth, reasons behind this


Postpartum Depression : When a little new guest arrives in the house, the atmosphere in the house becomes very pleasant. The sound of a baby crying and laughing can be heard throughout the day. Everyone in the house is busy playing with the newborn baby, but the baby’s mother is often neglected during this time. Everyone is involved in welcoming the new guest and the baby’s mother is somewhat neglected. It is very important to take care of mental health along with the physical health of a woman who has given birth. 

Many changes occur in a woman’s body after delivery (Post Delivery Physical Changes). It affects the woman’s mind the most. Due to this, there is a possibility of bad thoughts in the woman’s mind. In some cases, women even have suicidal thoughts. Women’s mental health deteriorates after childbirth, so they need more understanding and care during this time.

What is postpartum depression? (What is Postpartum Depression)

After delivery i.e. after the birth of a baby, women undergo many physical and mental changes. A woman’s mental condition deteriorates due to physical changes. This causes depression, which is called ‘postpartum depression’. A woman’s body undergoes many changes from pregnancy to delivery. This affects the mental health of women. Women’s hormones are unbalanced during this period. This causes women to face physical and mental problems. 

Early Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

‘These’ are the early signs

  • Mood Swings (Mood Swings)
  • feeling depressed
  • Not wanting to talk to anyone
  • Increasing irritation
  • feeling like crying
  • Wants to sit alone in a corner

According to doctors, not every woman develops postpartum depression. About 70 percent of women face the problem of postpartum depression. The effects of postpartum depression last for one to two months. After that this problem is solved. But if this problem is not resolved and is ignored, the situation may worsen and the problem may become more serious.

  • Insomnia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Being more angry when baby cries
  • Being belligerent
  • Feeling to hurt oneself
  • Hitting or throwing objects

What are the causes of postpartum depression?

  • After becoming a mother, the responsibility of a woman increases a lot. If the family does not get the expected support, the woman gets tired.
  • After delivery, the body of a woman becomes weak. Lack of proper health care increases weakness, which increases irritability.
  • Body disorganization and weight gain cause women to suffer menstrual and emotional disturbances.
  • If a woman is a professional, she also worries about work and career.

Treatment for Postpartum Depression 

  • There is only one way to treat and prevent postpartum depression and that is the love, support and care of family members.
  • The role of a woman’s husband is very important in this. A husband must make his wife feel that he is with her at every step.
  • Taking care of the woman’s preferences along with food and medicine. If a woman continues to find happiness in small things, it helps her to stay stress free.
  • All these methods protect the woman from postpartum depression at an early stage and also help to eliminate the problem if there is one.
  • If the situation is serious then you can take the help of a doctor.

Note : All the above matters are being conveyed by ABP Maa to the readers-audience only as information. ABP takes no claim from me. So any treatment, diet and medicine should be taken with expert advice.


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