Dengue: Struggling with Dengue? Drink these homemade drinks

If the weather cools down a bit, the mosquitoes will be more active. They make  diseases like dengue spread easily. Dengue infection can be fatal if precautions are not taken. Along with nutritious food at that time, it should be ensured that water does not decrease in the body. Eat foods rich in protein and vitamin C. Dengue infection causes the platelets in the blood to drop drastically within hours. This causes severe joint pains, headaches and rashes. The man gets depressed. If the platelets fall too much, blood has to be collected from donors and transfused. That is why some precautions should be taken to prevent dengue infection. By drinking some types of infusions, it increases the immunity to fight that fever. 

Dengue should not be reduced to four liters of water. After being admitted to the hospital, they inject saline. If it is close to home, you should drink plenty of water. Water 

Neem infusion 
Add some fresh neem leaves to water and boil it. After boiling, filter the water, discard the leaves and drink the water. Doing this twice a day will reduce the pain and prevent dehydration in the body. 

Papaya leaves 
Papaya leaves have anti-malarial and anti-healing properties. These prevent blood clots from falling. Even increase their number. For this, take two fresh papaya leaves and grind them well to extract the juice. Two to three spoons of juice should be mixed with one cup of water and drunk. 

Kakara Rasam
Kakara fruit should be sliced ​​and juiced. Add some water to that juice and drink it. Or boil the pieces of kakara in a glass of water, strain and drink that water. 

Tea made with Tulsi leaves is also very beneficial. While brewing green tea, add tulsi leaves and boil it, strain and drink the water. Do not add milk. Or boil tulsi leaves in water and drink that water. If you want, you can add some lemon juice in it. 

Menthi powder
Methi powder should be soaked overnight and should be mixed in a glass of water and drunk in the morning. Although the taste is bitter, it helps to recover from dengue. 

Vitamin C
Eating foods rich in vitamin C increases immunity. Papaya, amla, orange, turmeric, chicken soup should be eaten frequently. 

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