Dehydration: Beware of adults! Seizures can occur if you are too dehydrated

Water is essential for the body. You can survive without food for a few days but it is very difficult to survive without drinking water. That is why the body should not be dehydrated. The body needs enough water to perform normal daily functions. Older people generally have less body water. That’s why they get dehydrated quickly.

 Why do they get dehydrated more?

As they get older, their body has less fluid reserves. This is not the case, if you are taking medication due to a chronic illness, you will have more urine output. Kidney function slows down with age. Due to this, the elderly people mostly face the problem of dehydration. Not only these but many factors also contribute. That is..

Weather changes: If the weather is hot or humid, the body loses a large amount of water in the form of sweat or urine. Another reason can be that old people who are immobile also find it difficult to get up frequently and drink water.

Illness: Loss of body fluids due to illness when diarrhea is excessive. It is very difficult to get them back.

Signs of dehydration

Adults should drink more water. Otherwise they may lead to other health problems. Some signs that the body is dehydrated are..

☀ Less urination or dark colored urine

☀ Fatigue

☀ Itchy skin

< p>☀ Dry skin

☀ Dizziness, nausea

☀ Forgetfulness, confusion

☀ Dry, dry lips

Dehydration in the elderly Negligence can lead to long-term dangerous problems. Doctors warn that its effect will show on the function of liver, kidney and other organs. In some cases, extreme dehydration can lead to death. According to the Mayo Clinic, other health problems can also occur.

☀ Not getting enough water in the body can cause severe fatigue and difficulty breathing. People who exercise and do physical activity a lot get sick due to lack of water intake.

☀ There is also a possibility of kidney problems. Doctors suggest drinking at least 3-4 liters of water a day. Drinking less water can lead to kidney stones. Being too dehydrated can lead to urinary tract infections and kidney failure.

☀ Seizures: Electrolytes like potassium and sodium help carry electrical signals from cell to cell. If there is an imbalance in them, loss of consciousness and convulsions may occur.

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