Dark Chocolates: Shocking, heavy metals in this chocolate – are they dangerous to eat?

Dark Chocolates: Shocking, heavy metals in this chocolate – are they dangerous to eat?

Dark chocolate is everyone’s favourite. Many studies reveal that it can help reduce stress and improve mood. But according to the latest report by Consumer Report, dark chocolate contains two metals namely lead and cadmium. He said that these are linked to many health problems in children and adults. Scientists tested 28 dark chocolate bars. Cadmium and lead were found in each. All kinds of brands have these heavy metals. But in some cases, their limit is a bit better.

Lead side effects 

Other brands like Hershey’s, Theo, Trader Joe’s & zwnj; in their dark chocolate products. found to contain levels of lead, cadmium, or both. Chronic exposure to lead can cause nervous system problems, high blood pressure, weakened immune system, kidney damage, and reproductive problems in adults. These are very dangerous for children and pregnant women. These increase the problems in them more.

Cadmium side effects

Cadmium can cause stomach related problems. It leads to lung problems. But it causes the kidneys. This applies to both children and adults. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has also listed cadmium as a carcinogen. Experts from the University of Delaware said that the presence of these metals in dark chocolate is a matter of concern. These two heavy metals affect brain development.

Lead and cadmium are metals found in soil. These come from the roots of the cacao plant. All soils and rocks contain some cadmium. It is widely spread through mining, fertilizers and other industrial uses. After being released into the atmosphere, it re-enters the ground through rain. Cadmium is found not only in chocolate but also in other foods. It is also found in other foods like sea food, seaweed, animal organs, rice, potatoes and grains. It goes into the lungs very easily.

How much is good to take?

Dark chocolate is healthy but too much can cause problems. That’s why Consumer Reports says that eating just one ounce of chocolate won’t do any harm. That said, eating an ounce every day is even more dangerous. It is better to eat chocolate occasionally. If you take an ounce in total, the problems will be less.  Eating a small piece of dark chocolate daily can reduce bad cholesterol. Increases good cholesterol levels. 

Note: Information collected from various studies, researches and health journals is provided here as usual for your understanding. This information is not a substitute for medical care or treatment. If you have any doubts regarding health, you should definitely consult a doctor. For the items mentioned in this article, “ABP Country”, ‘ABP Network’ Note that no liability is assumed. 

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