Curd Vs Buttermilk: Is buttermilk better than curd? What does Ayurvedic science say?

Curd Vs Buttermilk: Is buttermilk better than curd?  What does Ayurvedic science say?

Some people cannot survive without milk and curd. Although curd comes from milk and buttermilk comes from it, there are many differences between the three. The nutrients they provide are also different. But what is the reason why many people suggest to take buttermilk instead of curd? Ayurvedic experts say that it is because of the changes in the response of each of these three bodies.

Court contains good bacteria. It ferments when exposed to heat. Even when it enters the stomach, it ferments due to the hot acids in the stomach. It warms the intestines. But buttermilk from curd is said to cool the body. Buttermilk is suitable for all body types and seasons. That is why buttermilk is much healthier than curd. Yogurt increases fat and strength. Vata helps in reducing imbalance. Not everyone can eat curd.

Who should not eat it?

People with obesity, phlegm disorders, bleeding, inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis should avoid curd. Not only that, Ayurvedic science insists on not eating curd at night. Because it stimulates cold, cough and sinuses. If you think that you cannot avoid eating curd at night, you should add a pinch of pepper or fenugreek to it.

Do not heat the curd. Even the good bacteria will be destroyed. Some people heat curd and make something like buttermilk broth. But only the body of those who eat it often can tolerate it.

Those who have skin disorders, bile imbalance, headache, insomnia and digestive problems should not eat yogurt. Provides benefits. Add some cumin powder, pink salt and coriander to the buttermilk and the taste will be amazing.

Benefits of buttermilk

Protects health. Cures diseases. Improves digestion. Easily digested. It helps in preventing inflammation, digestive problems, gastrointestinal problems, loss of appetite, anemia.

In winter, it prevents indigestion. Buttermilk is light and easy to digest. Helps stimulate appetite. The same yogurt takes more time to digest. Buttermilk is a good choice if you have digestive problems like constipation, gastric or acid reflux

Helps in weight loss. If you want to gain weight, you should choose buttermilk if you want to lose weight. Buttermilk is light and cools the body. Keeps away from heat.

Note: Information collected from many studies and researches has been provided here as usual. It is not a substitute for medical professional advice. Be sure to include this food in your diet only after consulting a doctor or a nutritionist. This information is for your information only.

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