Crime Thrillers: Watching more crime thrillers? But you will have trouble!

Over the past few years, OTTs have been making inroads into the masses. People are watching movies, web series and various shows in OTTs instead of going to cinemas. A recent study has shown that most of the audience likes crime thrillers in OTT content. Many people, including the youth, watch them for hours. It has been revealed that he is suffering from many mental problems in this background. By watching and watching crime related movies and content, the brains of the youth are leading to extreme thoughts. People who enjoy crime content are drawn to incredible brutality. Strong> Psychological Problems

People are more inclined to watch dark, creepy and disturbing comedies and crime thrillers in recent times.  multiple OTT  plot‌ Farm‌ Documentaries, Movies, Web Series‌ Dark content in the form of ‌ are made available to the audience.  Users are also more attracted to crime related content. Some fiction,  some documentaries. Crime-related content with some real-life incidents is more common in OTTs. Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, Delhi Crime, House of Secrets, Abducted in Plain Sight,  Crime thrillers like Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story have a huge following. Apart from these there is a lot more crime content available. According to a Cleveland Clinic study, watching criminal content may be fun at first, but it can become addictive after a while. After that they will face mental problems. 

Crime Thrillers Why >Becoming addicted ?

Experts point out that crime shows do not actually represent criminal behavior tendencies. This content attracts people. Because they easily creep into the minds of people who think badly.  Not only that.. such content‌ People who watch are easily attracted to brutality.  Not only that.. Experts reveal that they have a mean nature towards women. Because of this, women are left as victims.   

Crime Thrillers Too Much strong> Looking What happens?

Watching too much crime thrillers leads to thoughts of rape and murder. At the same time it helps to stay alert from these crimes. Due to the impact of these on the brain and nbsp; It feels scary all the time. Feeling insecure even at home. Along with anxiety comes the thought of being very careful about small things. Sometimes it is difficult to sleep due to fear even in normal situations. There will be tension. Restlessness, rapid heartbeat,  Hyper‌ Ventilation and lethargy.

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