Covid19 : Be careful! The symptoms of Corona are changing with time, currently ‘these’ are the symptoms of Kovid19


Coronavirus Symptoms : The havoc of Corona (Coronavirus) is being witnessed in the world for more than two years. At present, although the incidence of Corona has decreased, the danger has not decreased. Covid19 virus over time. New variants of Corona were found, so the risk of Corona increased. Meanwhile, a new study has revealed that Covid symptoms (Covid19 Symptoms) are also changing with time. Although the risk of corona virus has decreased over time, this risk has not been completely avoided, but a study has found that the symptoms of Kovid19 virus have also changed.

In India, the second wave of Corona was more devastating than the first wave of Corona. In which lakhs of people lost their lives. Delta and Omicron variants of Corona spread rapidly. However, after this, corona diseases took a mild turn. Corona vaccine also had a great effect on it, thus helping to reduce the infection of Corona. A recent study tried to find out which symptoms of Corona have changed.

Lack of taste or smell is not a major symptom of corona

A study in England has revealed new information. A study was conducted on 17,500 corona patients in Britain. It has been found that the lack of taste or smell in the mouth are not the main symptoms of corona. In addition, those infected with the alpha and delta variants were primarily affected by loss of taste or smell. In contrast, patients infected with the omicron variant had symptoms of fever and difficulty breathing.

What are the current symptoms of covid?

According to Zoe Health Study, sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, persistent cough and headache are currently the main symptoms of Corona. The study also found that the new symptoms of Covid-19 are completely different from the old ones. Earlier, symptoms such as persistent cough, bad breath, fever and difficulty in breathing were observed in patients infected with corona, but now this has changed.

What did the study reveal?

The study, conducted in England, included patients who tested positive for the corona virus between June 1 and November 27, 2021 (when the Delta variant was at its peak) and December 20, 2021 and January 17, 2022 (when the Omicron variant was at its peak). A total of 62,002 positive samples were collected for this study and the symptoms in those patients were studied. In addition, the study also revealed that the omicron variant of the corona is unlikely to affect the lower respiratory tract, where the virus was said to cause more damage.

Upper Respiratory Infection and Lower Respiratory Infection

Scientists still do not know why the symptoms experienced by Covid patients have changed. Many people have expressed different opinions about this. Compared to the Delta variant which attacks the lower respiratory tract, the Omicron variant attacks the upper respiratory tract. That’s why people infected with Delta develop severe pneumonia-like symptoms, while Omicron patients often have symptoms similar to the common cold, scientists believe.

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