Covid 19: Don’t be careless about Corona, World Health Organization warns

World Health Organization warns that Corona cases are decreasing, but it is not extinct. She said people in many countries are taking Covid-19 for granted now, and in fact they have done so in the past. It is still warning people to be careful, saying that its statistics show that there is one covid death every 44 seconds around the world. Referring to last week’s report, it said that 42 lakh new cases of corona have been reported and 13,700 of them have died. It explains that the situation is better compared to the past, but if laxity is done, the cases will increase again. It said that the deaths have reduced by more than 80 percent compared to February. It has been said that most of the deaths caused by Corona can be prevented. 

The World Health Organization has said in its report that Corona deaths have decreased significantly in Southeast Asia, Europe, and Middle East countries, but they have increased in Africa, America, and the Western Pacific. It is believed that the Corona virus is still mutating so it needs to be cautious and constant vigilance is needed. Corona  cases will be reduced if everyone takes the diagnosis and treatments according to the conditions. Precautions are taken. It is advised to cook only after washing hands thoroughly. Also, except for fruits, other foods should be avoided raw. Some people eat greens and some types of vegetables raw and drink their juice. The World Health Organization suggested not to do them after the corona virus. Above all, she said to eat strictly non-vegetarian food. If not, she said to eat well cooked and not to eat half cooked meat. Eating meat provides plenty of protein to the body. This increases immunity. 

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