COVID-19: Corona kills one every 44 seconds – Disturbing new covid report

Corona epidemic is shaking the world. Covid has already claimed many lives and destroyed many lives. Currently, the number of Covid-19 cases in some countries seems to be decreasing. But, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned not to take it lightly and to be very careful. Many people are neglecting whether the vaccine has come or not, even if Corona has come. But the latest report released by WHO will surely shock you. The report revealed that one person dies every 44 seconds due to Corona.

One victim every 44 seconds 

Just under 4.2 million new cases were registered last week. Deaths were 13,700. That’s a 5 percent drop, the UN Health Organization reported. This is a good thing. But WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a press conference that there is no evidence that will continue. According to a report from February, even though the death toll has dropped by 80 percent, one person dies every 44 seconds due to Covid-19. He stated that this is the most dangerous thing.

According to the report given by WHO, the deaths of Covid-19 have decreased in Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Also, the increase in their number in Africa, America and the Western Pacific is a matter of concern. Van Kertow, WHO Technical Lead, expressed the opinion that although there have been changes from time to time to be careful about Covid-19, the pandemic is not over yet. She advised to take proper precautions by conducting regular tests and taking diagnostic treatments. He also said that vaccines should be taken as a preventive measure.

Worrying monkey pox

On the other hand, WHO chief Tedros Athanam warned that monkey pox is also in a worrying situation. Cases of monkey pox are increasing in some parts of America, he said. He expressed concern that if preventive measures are not taken in advance, there is no possibility of the situation getting worse. Although monkey pox cases are less reported in Europe, it should be considered as a matter of concern. He said that despite the same situation in America, one should be careful. A sudden drop in cases can be the most dangerous time. It frees people from fearing them. He said that if the cases increase then there will be trouble. That’s why he warned that people should take precautions and take vaccinations regularly. According to a report 144 million people are currently suffering from chronic covid‌ According to a recent study by the University of Oxford, dementia, problems with brain function and epilepsy are also seen in long covid patients. These symptoms appear after two years of covid infection. So, be careful. Don’t be careless. 

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