Coughing constantly? Having trouble breathing? Learn about Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Pulmonary fibrosis : Can’t cough make your daily activities easier? Fatigue or sudden weight loss? Do you always have shortness of breath? Then, you should consult a doctor immediately as all these symptoms can also be due to pulmonary fibrosis. & nbsp;

Pulmonary fibrosis is a disease of the lungs that occurs at the site of injury to the lung tissue. Lung fibrosis causes a person to have difficulty breathing. During an epidemic, many post-covid patients are diagnosed and require immediate medical attention. This condition is serious and can take away your peace of mind. Affects your ability to perform daily tasks with ease. You may be shocked to learn that pulmonary fibrosis causes irreversible lung damage. Thus, early diagnosis, rapid treatment, adequate hydration, selection of vitamin C and zinc supplements can certainly be beneficial for managing pulmonary fibrosis.

Symptoms of Pulmonary Fibrosis & nbsp;
Symptoms of pulmonary fibrosis include dyspnea, weight loss, fatigue, dry cough, weakness, sudden weight loss, muscle aches, and clubbing of the fingertips. These symptoms can also vary from person to person. These symptoms can get worse over time and can lead to poor health. & nbsp; Did you know? People with severe discomfort may also need to be placed on a ventilator.

Causes of Pulmonary Fibrosis & nbsp; & nbsp; You will not be able to breathe properly as the oxygen supply is reduced. Some toxins, some medical conditions, radiation therapy and some medications can cause lung damage. Consult your doctor in time to determine the root cause of this condition. Those who have respiratory problems and later those who have coronary heart disease. Such people can get the disease. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Risk Factors: Children, middle-aged and elderly, smokers can get pulmonary fibrosis for a variety of reasons.
Treatment: After examining and questioning you, the doctor will prescribe treatment for you. You may be advised to take antibiotics, corticosteroid drugs, antifibrotics, or other medications. , Timely treatment is required. You may be advised to take vitamin supplements for the smooth functioning of your respiratory system and to improve your immunity. Avoid smoking and also avoid passive smoking. Choose fresh fruits, whole grains and dairy products in your daily diet. Take medication as advised by your doctor. Do not self-medicate.

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