Coronavirus Update: Coronavirus most at risk for pregnant women and their babies; Problems arising in childbirth; Revealed from research

Coronavirus Update: A major study by the US government has revealed that pregnant women who are infected with the coronavirus may have more problems during childbirth than pregnant women who are not infected with the coronavirus. Pregnant women with coronary heart disease can have many problems during childbirth. It can also endanger the baby’s life. In addition, stillbirth, that is, the risk of miscarriage is higher. At the same time, the research suggests that the risk increases almost four times after delta variant infection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s analysis was based on the 1.2 million deliveries that took place in a major US hospital between March 2020 and September 2021. & nbsp;

According to research, cases of stillbirths by coronary mothers were extremely rare. The average rate was 0.65 percent. However, stillbirth was 1.47 times more common in mothers infected with the corona before the Delta variant. After the Delta variant, the proportion was & nbsp; 4.04 times higher and overall 1.90 times higher. & Nbsp;

According to researchers, "Previous research has suggested that the potential biological cause of increased risk may be a result of umbilical cord inflammation or decreased blood flow. They said "Corona increases the risk of stillbirth. Corona-infertile mothers have more complicated deliveries, which can lead to many problems. It is necessary to check more facts about it. Therefore, more research is needed in this case."& nbsp;

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