Coronavirus : Covid-19 is airborne, research reveals; Approved by WHO

Coronavirus : Covid-19 is airborne, research reveals;  Approved by WHO


Covid 19 Virus : Corona virus ( Sars CoV 2 ) is Spreads through the air, it has been accepted by the World Health Organization. It was believed that Corona virus (Covid 19) is mainly spread through water droplets. Until now, it was believed that the corona virus spreads through the sputum that someone close to you accidentally coughs, sneezes or speaks during contact with you. But according to a research report, the World Health Organization has also confirmed that the corona virus spreads through the air.

Corona virus spreads through the air

In the year 2020, the havoc of Corona was seen all over the world. Corona virus infection had increased. At this time, it was revealed that the corona virus spreads through the spit when coughing or sneezing. After this, a team of scientists started re-examining the information about the corona virus. In this, scientists found that the corona virus is not only spread through water droplets when coughing or sneezing, but also through the air.

Linsey and his team’s research 

Important points presented to scientists

Linsey Marr presented various research points to the World Health Organization in a video conference with WHO scientists. Lynsey Marr, an aerosol scientist at Virginia Tech, led the team of 35 scientists. This group of scientists tried to convince the World Health Organization officials to change their stance that Covid-19 is also airborne. According to World Health Organization scientists, the corona virus does not spread through the air, but only through war droplets. Explaining this, Linsey Marr told the WHO that if the corona virus only travels through droplets from spitting or coughing, then social distancing and hand washing Why Corona outbreak could not be prevented? 

The root cause of viral outbreaks lies in the size of the virus. According to WHO, the 5 micron virus can only travel through the air. Five microns from a person’s mouth can travel more than six feet.  Lynsey Marr’s team found that viruses up to 100 microns in size can travel through the air. Harvard scientists have proved that the viruses of most diseases are spread through the air. This time the WHO refused to accept it.

One year after Linsey presented his research report to the World Health Organization, the WHO has now accepted that the Covid-19 virus is airborne. Linsey’s Zoom meeting with the WHO was held in April 2021. The WHO has now accepted the research of Linsey’s team and included official information on its website. In which it is written that the corona virus can spread through aerosols and large droplets. 

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