Corn Dosa: Corn dosa is very strong if eaten occasionally

Ever get bored eating the same bugs? But this time, how much better it is if you make dosha with corn kernels and eat it. These are very easy to do. There are many health benefits of having these for children. 

Raw corn kernels – three cups
Mina dal – quarter cup
Green chillies – Two 
Dry chillies – one 
Curry leaves – pinch
Cumin – one teaspoon
Salt – to taste
Oil – one spoon

How to prepare
1. Soak the corn kernels and pulses beforehand. Minapapu should be soaked for four hours. Corns half an hour is enough
2. Put these in a mixer and grind them finely. 
3. Add green chillies, fried black chillies, cumin seeds, curry leaves and enough salt to taste and grind them. 
4. Now take the grind in a bowl. 
5. Water should be added so that it can be cooked. 
6. Now put the pan on the stove and heat it up and add the doshas. 
7. These are very tasty when eaten with coconut chutney.

If you eat corn…
Eating corn kernels has many benefits for our health. Boiling corn and eating it is very beneficial. There is also a possibility that blackened substances may enter the body due to burning. So it is better to eat boiled. Also, if you make curry with these and eat them with chicken curry, there are many benefits. If you think it’s difficult to make gari, you can add dosha and eat it. Eating doshas made with these does not cause nutritional deficiency. Corn is rich in B vitamins. Vitamin D is also available. It contains a lot of fiber which improves digestion. The problem of constipation will disappear completely. If children are suffering from constipation, if they are given dishes made of corn seeds, they will pass stool easily. If you feed it daily, it may cause other problems. Do not feed more than half a cup every two days.  

If you want to mistake the corn as an in‌stent‌ you can try this.


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