computer vision syndrome: What is computer vision syndrome? Is it so dangerous?

computer vision syndrome: What is computer vision syndrome?  Is it so dangerous?

Computer Vision Syndrome Prolonged work on Pi may cause eye or vision problem. But it can also cause many other health related problems to your body. If not treated on time, the problem will worsen. These days, due to the coronavirus pandemic, children’s schools, adults’ offices, everything is running from home  due to which people’s screen time has increased significantly. According to 2020 data, an average person in India spends at least 7 hours every day using a gadget like a smartphone, laptop, computer or tablet.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is also known as digital eye strain. . Because it puts too much pressure on the eyes. Apart from this, problems like headache, neck pain & shoulder pain may also occur. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), a person who continuously uses a computer or other digital screen for 2 hours or more per day is at increased risk of developing digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome.   

Computer Vision Syndrome  Symptoms:

–  Tightness in eyes, difficulty in seeing anything

–  Itching in eyes – Dry eyes – Blurred vision

–  blurred vision

–  difficulty focusing

–  nearsightedness or myopia

– &nbsp ;Headache

–  Neck pain

–  Shoulder pain,  Back pain

Computer vision syndrome  Causes are:

– When using digital screens, this problem occurs when viewing the screen in low lighting.

– Screen‌ This problem can also be caused by too much light coming from.

– Sitting too close or too far from the screen

– Constantly looking at the screen without taking a break

How to prevent computer vision syndrome:

Anti-glare glasses:

When you work in front of the computer screen, use anti-glare glasses, which will protect your eyes.

< h3>20- 20-20 Rules:

After every 20 minutes while working on the computer, you should look intently at any object 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. Then the eyes will be refreshed. 

Look at the screen from a distance:

When working, plan to keep the computer screen  20 ​​to 25 inches away from your face. 


If you are working continuously in front of the computer screen for two hours, give your eyes a rest for 15 to 20 minutes. So that the moisture in your eyes remains intact.

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