Colored Hair Care : Follow these tips if you dye your hair.. because

Colored Hair Care : Follow these tips if you dye your hair.. because

Colored Hair Care : Everyone has a habit of changing hair styles and hair colors according to the trend. But protecting hair from pollution is different.. Care to be taken while applying hair color is different. It’s not that you don’t take care of your hair when it’s normal, but when you dye your hair, you need to take care of it. Otherwise the condition of the hair will go away. But now let’s know why we need to take precautions while dyeing our hair. 

Many people dye their hair either for a change or for a style. We know that they are not set for us.. or that they are not set for our look. Even if you have a beautiful hair color that you like, if you keep your hair neglected, it will completely look bad. So experts say that more care should be given to the hair at such a time.

Special attention to dry scalp

The main problem that occurs when hair is dyed is that the hair is dry. But with some tips you can get shiny and beautiful hair. When you want the color to last for a long time, you should wash your hair very gently during hair wash. If you tend to sweat a lot, shampoo more often. Because sweat and color together dry out your scalp and make it prone to infections. So take a shower when you feel sweaty, wet in monsoons. 

Choice of shampoos

Make sure the color doesn’t wash off quickly without bothering your scalp. Fixation shampoo and conditioner should be used. They contain mild cleaning chemicals. These keep the pH levels on the scalp under control. Provides good nutrition.. Makes hair strands strong. Color fixation hair masks are very good for hair. These masks not only give shine to the hair, but also provide vital nutrients. Apply these at least twice a week for best results. Even those who don’t dye their hair, if they apply hair masks often, the hair will get good nutrients. Henna can be used instead. Natural henna paste is a good alternative to chemical hair colors available in the market. But while choosing henna, make sure that it is free of compounds like TEA, DEA, sulfates, PPD, resorcinol, hydrogen peroxide. Those who want different colors with henna can try Brazilian herbs, beetroot, pomegranate. It not only covers gray hair but also provides good nourishment to hair and scalp. 

Avoid them..

Avoid ammonia and related products stay Because even though these may provide temporary results, they can be harmful in the long run. Ammonia has its by-products ethanolamine, diethanolamine and triethanolamine.  These cause imbalance of hormones. Choose those that are free of parabens and sulfates that cause cancer. 
Some people dry their hair by hitting it hard with a towel immediately after taking a shower. This is not good at all. It makes the hair rough. Rubbing the hair hard with a towel increases the risk of hair fall. Excess water in the head can be removed with a soft towel. Otherwise let it air dry. You can protect your colored hair by following these precautions.

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