Cold Shower Study: Does taking a cold shower help you lose weight? See what the latest study says!

Rozoo Do you bathe in hot water? Or with tears? Bathing with hot water is good. However, people suffering from obesity get more benefits from bathing with tears. This matter has come out in a recent study. And what is the evidence to say that tear bath reduces weight? What did the researchers say?

Our ancestors used to take cold bath even in extreme cold. This may be the reason why our elders are fit. But, now almost all bathrooms have geysers. No one is interested in taking rain bath. It is believed that it is not because of us to bear that cold. Also, they think that hot water bath is better to keep the body comfortable. This will reduce the number of people who regularly take water bath. 

However, in the latest study, it has been found that taking water bath can melt the fat in the body. On this occasion, the researchers conducted several studies on mice. Some mice were fed a high-fat Western diet. Some of them were bathed in 4 degree Celsius water. Others were bathed in plain water. The picture is.. The cold exposed rat lost weight faster compared to other rats. 

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This study is called ‘Nature Metabolism’ Published in the journal. The researchers said that a slight rise in the cold will produce heat from within the body, which will help in weight loss. The heat generated from the body of a person who bathes in plain water or hot water is very less. As a result, the chances of losing weight are less. However, some studies show that hot water baths can help with weight loss. A hot bath is said to be equivalent to exercise. People are of the opinion that it would have been better if a clear study had been done on the topic of which of these water bathing is good for obese people.

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