Coffee: Good news for coffee lovers … Coffee has the potential to protect against that cancer, a new study reveals

The world’s largest coffee fan base. A new study brings good news to all of them. Cancer & zwnj; The chance of coming is slim. Do not expect all types of cancers to do the same. Cervical cancer, also known as & lsquo; endometrial cancer & rsquo; Is called. It occurs in women. The risk of developing this cancer has been found to be lower in women who drink coffee regularly. In addition, researchers say that caffeinated coffee provides better protection than caffeinated coffee. Details of this study were published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Research. Large-scale research has been conducted for this study.

The study was conducted on a total of 6,99,234 people. & nbsp; Those who drank coffee on a daily basis were found to have a 29 percent lower risk of endometrial cancer. More than 9000 people who are not addicted to coffee have been diagnosed with this cancer. However, in-depth research is needed to find out how coffee can prevent cancer. It is a fact that there is a connection between them, but it is said that it takes some time to know how that connection is formed. & nbsp;

Caffeine in coffee provides instant energy as soon as it enters the body. Gives agility and enthusiasm. That is why most people like coffee. However, most research suggests that you should not drink more than two cups of coffee a day. Excess caffeine intake is also dangerous.

Other benefits of drinking coffee in moderation have been noted in the past. Drinking unsweetened coffee is very good for diabetics. It also reduces the risk of stroke. It also reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease by 25 percent. That is why some studies recommend drinking coffee daily, but not more than two cups a day. & Nbsp;

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