Coconut: Try making tasty ice cream and sweet brownies with tender coconut

Coconut: Try making tasty ice cream and sweet brownies with tender coconut

After drinking coconut water, many people cut the coconut into two pieces. The tender coconut inside is loved by many. It is also known as coconut flesh. It is like a soft jelly. This substance is found in young coconuts. This tender coconut has many health nutrients. It is rich in fiber. Helps in improving digestion. They are rich in lauric acid and antioxidants which improve immunity. Eating this tender coconut will make your skin glow. Coconut pulp is very low in fat and cholesterol. So the heart is healthy. You can also make delicious dishes with fresh coconut pulp. Let’s see that. 


Light coconut – one cup 
Milk – one litre 
Panchadara – half a cup 
Cardamom powder – half a spoon 
Almonds – 10 
Cashews – 10 
Prunes – 10 
br />Saffron – four petals

Preparation Method
Put a pan on the stove and pour milk. Boil for half an hour on low flame. The milk should be stirred every two minutes to prevent it from sticking to the bottom. In another pan add grated coconut and fry till it becomes slightly dry. Add the fried coconut flakes to the boiling milk and mix. Add sugar, cardamom powder and saffron to the same milk and mix. Cook it for ten minutes. When it becomes a bit thick like a pudding, sprinkle almonds and cashews on top. Fried kiss‌mis‌s should also be garnished. After the stove has cooled down,  you can enjoy eating this payas.

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Ingredients Required< Grated coconut - one cup
Milk powder – one cup  spoon 
Cashew nuts – two spoons

Preparation method
Put a pan on the stove and add ghee. After the ghee heats up, add finely chopped grated coconut and fry until dry. Add milk powder and cardamom powder to it and mix it. In another pan, add sugar and water and boil it until it becomes syrupy. Add this sugar syrup to the coconut milk powder mixture and mix well. The mixture should not stick to the pan, should be kept on low heat and should be mixed with a spatula. Add finely grated cashews and mix. It should be kept cooking on low flame till the powder becomes thick enough to roll the laddu. Then close the stove and apply some ghee on your hands and roll the mixture like a brownie.

……………………….. ……………..

Ice Cream

Ingredients required 
Light coconut – one cup
Coconut water – one cup 
Cream – one cup  Tea spoon

Method of preparation
Light coconut should be mixed with coconut water to make a paste in a mixer. Cream, sugar and vanilla essence should also be mixed in it. Put the mixture in a tin or ice cream mold and put it in the freezer.  If left like that for four to five hours, the cream will be ready. 

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