Cholera cases on the rise in the world – World Health Organization warns

Cholera cases on the rise in the world – World Health Organization warns

Cholera is one of the worst diseases to plague mankind in history. Cholera in the 19th century was not all the turmoil it caused. During that century the disease spread throughout the world. It has claimed millions of lives in all countries. Initially it was thought to be caused by bad winds. But a doctor named John Snow discovered that it was caused by pathogens in drinking water. Water contaminated with ‘Vibrio cholerae’ It was found that the water was contaminated with bacteria. It has been found that people get cholera by drinking that water. The world slowly got rid of cholera by avoiding contaminated water. But the World Health Organization says that cholera has been spreading in the countries of the world again for the last 20 years. WHO statistics explain that more than 40 lakh people are infected with cholera every year, and 1,43,000 of them lose their lives.

About 30 countries in the world are currently facing cholera cases. Representatives of the World Health Organization explain that poverty, lack of hygiene and poor sanitation are all the reasons for the spread of cholera. Cholera is especially prevalent in African countries. Cyclone season has begun in Africa. That means there will be floods. When there is a flood, the water stagnates somewhere. Cholera bacteria gets into that stagnant water and infects people. So the WHO representatives say that the spread of cholera will continue to increase.

The World Health Organization is warning that the world, which has forgotten the disease called cholera, is now going back into its trap. According to the country of Mozambique, since December, 2022, cases have been increasing exponentially in that country.  Currently the cases  have increased there as not in the last five years. Lebanon is also witnessing the worst economic downturn in the last 30 years. Due to this, there is no funding for any sanitation programs in the country. In such conditions, garbage accumulates, water stagnates and becomes a habitat for bacteria and viruses. Cholera cases are currently emerging in that country as well.

Children are a threat
Cholera can infect both children and adults. But children under five years of age are the most susceptible to cholera. It is these children who are most susceptible to waterborne diseases, not just cholera. They have low immunity. Symptoms of cholera are mild. Then they get worse. If treatment is not received within a few hours after contracting cholera, there is a possibility of death. In severe diarrhea, all the water in the body is lost. So the World Health Organization suggests that all the countries of the world should be vigilant at this time of cholera outbreak. 

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