Chocolate: Not in a good mood? Immediately put a piece of chocolate in the mouth

Chocolates are often lumped into junk food. Cakes, ice creams, noodles, chocolates… they keep saying this. In fact, dark chocolate should not be mixed with junk food or harmful foods. Eating too much of any substance can be harmful. Chocolate is the same. But chocolate has many benefits if eaten in moderation. Don’t think of chocolate as a baby food. It is very beneficial for adults. It helps in maintaining mental health. A small piece of chocolate can change your mood. When you feel dull, irritable, moody, immediately take dark chocolate and put it in your mouth. Your mood will change in five minutes. 

Dopamine that increases happiness
Dopamine‌ is called the feel good hormone. When it is released in the brain, it feels cheerful and happy. Chocolates contain phenylethylamine or the love drug that stimulates the release of dopamine. It has a positive effect on the brain and causes the release of dopamine. That’s why mood changes. Phenylethylamine also increases our pulse rate, which makes our heart feel faster when we fall in love with someone. That’s why phenylethylamine got the name love drug. 

Endorphins that reduce stress
Endorphin is a hormone that reduces stress. It is a hormone released by the nervous system. Eating chocolates can increase the level of endorphins in the brain. The cocoa powder in dark chocolates can cause a high release of endorphins. So it is better to eat dark chocolates when you are tired or moody. Too much of this hormone is released and changes the mood. 

Lower blood pressure…
Caffeine called theobromine stimulates the central nervous system. It is present in the cocoa powder used in chocolates. Theobromine lowers blood pressure and promotes heart palpitations. That is why eating dark chocolate is better than white chocolate. Theobromine is abundant in this.

As an anti-depressant..
Dark chocolate contains a lot of cocoa powder. This powder contains serotonin. Serotonin is essential in boosting our mental health. It works as an anti-depressant. Serotonin is especially important in reducing anxiety. So when you feel anxious, put a small piece of chocolate in your mouth and lick it. 

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