Chikki: Try chikki with pulses, health for health – plus lots of taste

Chikki: Try chikki with pulses, health for health – plus lots of taste

Everybody knows chikki made with sesame seeds and palli. But in some places chikkis are also made with leguminous seeds. These are very good for health. Both children and adults should definitely eat these. These are not available in the outside market. Make it at home. These are very easy to make. 

Desi pulses are abundant in villages. The leguminous seeds in them are large. They look like soya beans and are big. Separate them from the legumes and soak them in water. After soaking them well they should be dried in the red sun. Then remove the top husk. Now take jaggery dark caramel. On the other hand, fry these dry pulses once in a pan. There is no need to add oil. Now add the fried legume seeds to the dark jaggery paste and mix well. Add some cardamom powder and mix well. Spread this mixture on the bottom of a toothpick with ghee or oil. After it gets a little dry, cut it into pieces. It becomes very hard when completely dry. Then you can’t cut the pieces. So the pieces should be cut when they are still soft. 

Eating nuts is very good for health. Jaggery in it also provides us with many nutrients. It is especially important for pregnant women to eat chickpeas made from this legume. These chickies are also very good for babies. Increases their immunity. This diet helps in making bones strong and reducing back pain. It also helps prevent heart disease and cancer. No matter how much you eat these, you will not gain weight. Jaggery in it purifies the blood. Eating it also reduces gas problems. Jaggery is very good for health compared to sugar. It is full of antioxidants. Prevents things like cancer and dementia. Eating jaggery also reduces aging symptoms.  These legumes are also very good for children. These should be prepared and eaten at home.

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