Chicken Biryani: Bachelor Chicken Biryani – Easy to make

Want to welcome the new year with chicken biryani? But for those who are not good at cooking, it is a bit difficult for bachelors. Buying outside means long queues, restaurants are full of people… so it is better to cook at home. This is a simple bachelor biryani recipe. It doesn’t take much effort. Just do what we said below. If cooked like this, the taste will also be good, and the feeling of eating Dum Biryani will also come. People who come to cook cook anyway, they don’t need recipes. So this simple chicken biryani recipe is for those who are not good at cooking. 

Basmati rice – two cups
Chicken – Arugula
Ginger garlic paste – one teaspoon
green chilli – two  – half spoon
garam masala – half teaspoon
coriander powder – one spoon
spices – bunch
biryani leaves – two
mint – one bunch
coriander – one bunch
Cardamoms – three
Salt – enough to taste
Oil – enough
Ghee – two spoons
Lemon juice – one spoon

Preparation as…
1.  First wash the chicken pieces cleanly and put them in a bowl. 
2. Add turmeric, chilli, ginger garlic paste, lemon juice, garam masala, coriander powder, mint, coriander, salt and curd to the chicken and mix well. 
3. Keep aside for half an hour for marination. 
4. Now pour three and half cups of water for two cups of rice on the stove. Add spices and salt to it along with cardamom. 
5. On the other side, put a big biryani cooking pan on the stove, add oil, onion paste and green chillies and fry it.
6. Add all the marinated chicken in it, mix well and cover it. 
7. Chicken will be cooked if cooked on low flame. Cook like a curry until the oil floats to the top. 
8. Now the flame should be kept very low.
9. Before the rice is 80 percent cooked, close the stove and put this chicken mixture on top. 
10. As the rice is a bit thick, you can sprinkle half a glass of water. 
11. Put a lid on top and cook on low flame. 
12. If you cook it like that for five minutes, the rice will be cooked well. 
13. Leave it like that without removing the lid for half an hour. 
14. Before eating, it should be mixed slowly from below. It may get lumpy if not mixed carefully. So mix it up layer by layer. Tasty Chicken Biryani is ready. 

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