Chewing Gum Benefits: Does chewing gum help you lose weight? Myths – These are the facts!

Many people chew gum for fun when they feel bored‌. Small children enjoy chewing gum and making bubbles with it. Some people say that if you eat it, it is not good for your mouth and your teeth will get damaged. Some people think that chewing gum burns calories. Others consider it good for health. But which of these is true? Is chewing gum really harmful to health? Or will it be good? What do experts say about this?

Does it really burn calories?

It is true that chewing gum burns calories. That is possible only because of sugar free chewing gum. Chewing sugar free chewing gum has been found to burn 11 calories per hour. However, this diet is not enough for weight loss. According to an article published by the Journal of Physical Therapy Science in 2018, chewing gum while doing workouts burns more calories. Their heart rate is also faster. The article mentions that people over the age of 40 have found many benefits from chewing gum while walking.

Does swallowing gum really affect the intestines?

Is chewing gum harmful to the intestines? Many people think that it will roll. But medical experts say that is not true. The body does not digest chewing gum. David Chen, a New York-based dentist, told a media outlet that swallowing it does not cause any intestinal problems. However, if chewing gums are swallowed repeatedly without chewing, they cause blockages in the intestines, especially in children. These problems are caused by the accumulation of too many chewing gums in one place. 

Is sugar free chewing gum good for teeth?

Chewing gum made of sugar is bad for teeth. Because it causes cavities. But sugar free gum is better, said Dr. Chen. It creates more saliva in the mouth. It protects the teeth from damage. Chewing it strengthens the jaws. 

Myth- Fact

Is chewing gum good or bad? Doubt is in everyone. But if it does some good, it does some bad. It is true that eating sugar free chewing gum burns calories. It is only a small amount. It cleans your teeth. Also a good exercise for the jaws. But, consuming too much of it can lead to bloating problem. This is because a lot of air goes in through the mouth while chewing gum. It causes gas formation and stomach problems.

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