Charlie Chaplin Dressing: What was Charlie Chaplin’s dressing style like? What about that suit and shoes?

Charlie Chaplin Dressing Style: 

From the first movie..

Charlie Chaplin. No need to mention this name. Just touching it will bring a smile on our lips. He is the actor who introduced laughter to the world. No matter how many decades are passing… still the film world is talking about him. Charlie Chaplin made everyone laugh out loud with just his expressions without much fuss. How many movies has he acted in? How many awards? What is his biography? This is all old story. Now let us know a new story about him. What do you remember about Charlie Chaplin? Of course it is called comedy. But…not just his acting. The world has become obsessed with his dressing style. Now we are going to talk about that dressing style‌ about Suit, short jacket. A hat on the head. stick in hand Correct shoe size is also large. Chaplin appeared in the same costume in all the movies. Never changed that style. Charlie Chaplin made his film debut in 1915 with the movie The Tramp. From that movie to the last movie, he appeared in almost the same attire. Why? What is the reason behind choosing the same dress in particular? 

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This is the back ground..! Charlie Chaplin‌ Previous generations of the family lived in poverty. They make shoes for pottakuti. Back then, shoes were a status symbol. If they are torn, they are considered to be in extreme poverty. They used to show the same in the movies of that time. That is the symbolism of poverty. But…Charlie Chaplin’s mother wants her son to look handsome and sober. In spite of being poor…she makes sure that there is no shortage in the matter of dressing. Stitching the existing ones a little here and there. Doing things like polishing old shoes. Charlie Chaplin wrote the same thing in his autobiography. But.. Ranura had to experience extreme poverty. Even the chaplain used to go to work with his parents. At that time he had to change his dressing style. He used to do things with old clothes. uniform‌ Had to wear it to work. Chaplain went to work in one place for many years and then came out. He would do anything to fill his stomach. While doing so…in between he would wash his 
clothes and wear them every now and then. He used to polish shoes and put them on. That’s when he started to try his hand at movies with interest. 

It was a stinging week..

After the release of the movie  The Tramp in 1915, Chaplin got a good name. Earning also started gradually. Received money in hand. By 1920, Chaplin could afford to buy his own clothes. That’s when…he has a suit‌ Wanted to buy. Chaplin was determined to look sober as Mom wanted. He had an expensive suit tailored at the still famous Bespoke Tailors in London. Not then. Even now the rich suit here‌ will be stitched. The then Prime Minister of UK, Winston Churchill also had his suit stitched there. For this reason..Charlie Chaplin‌, Churchill‌ Became friends. But…this is the actual costume‌ When asked why he was selected, Chaplin said something interesting. "I didn’t decide in advance to wear a dress like me. At that time, only that dress appeared in my wardrobe. I put them on
as they were. Baggy pants, big shoes…I checked each one and wore it. Why did I get a feeling of not knowing when I was dressed like that. I felt that this costume was perfect for the character I was playing. Once the camera came forward, I felt very confident. A lot of comedy ideas also came up" explained Charlie Chaplin.

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Sign of success‌? p>But…he is dressing‌ Style‌ Some say otherwise. O success‌full‌ It is said that he used to wear such clothes as a sign of a business man. After 1920, Chaplin appeared in this same attire. No matter how many celebrities he meets, he goes in the same dressing. There are no dialogues in his films. That is..everything should be said only with expressions, body language. This may also be a reason for him choosing a particular dressing style. He also uses his stick, hat and shoes as objects in comedy.

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