Charcoal Mask: Tired of oiliness and pimples? Do the same with charcoal powder

When the rainy season comes, it becomes very difficult to maintain the skin. Due to humid weather, the face becomes oily, excessive, irritating hair, oily accumulation on the scalp, etc. feel irritated. Black heads, white heads and dull skin are common. Pores become clogged with toxins due to pollution. This leads to acne breakouts. Apply this simple face pack to get rid of them and get amazing results. Face pack with the same charcoal powder. Applying this not only cleanses the skin but also makes your face look tighter. You should try this charcoal mask to remove dead cells, black heads, white heads. Helps to absorb and eliminate pores clogged with toxins, dust, dirt and oil. This mask works wonderfully as a deep cleanser and detoxifier. Applying a mask with charcoal powder removes dead cells and exfoliates the skin.

Benefits of charcoal powder pack

❂ Applying a face with charcoal powder has been proven to absorb toxins from the skin and draw out impurities. Hence, one of the major problems faced by the skin during the humid monsoons is clogged pores due to oiliness. This pack removes them.

❂ This is a quick solution to control sebum in the skin. Prevents acne or skin breakouts.

❂ This mask cleanses the skin deeply. This makes the skin brighter.

❂ Wearing a charcoal mask helps in removing whiteheads and blackheads through deep cleansing pores. Using it regularly during monsoons can prevent them from coming,

❂ Wearing a mask made of this powder leaves the skin glowing with a cool, vibrant glow.  Charcoal has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It helps in rejuvenating the skin.

❂ It reduces sebum production and helps remove toxins and pollutants from the skin. It attracts microorganisms. Helps reduce acne and keep skin dry.

❂ It is also great for sensitive skin. Wearing this pack gives a good glow to the face. There is a misconception that wearing these will cause allergies. But the beauticians said that there are no such things.

❂ It is very suitable for those with oily face and blemished skin. If your face produces more oil than usual then wearing this mask will give you many benefits.

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