Chanakya Niti: Those Feelings Are Mostly For Women ట It Is Not Easy To Satisfy Them

Acharya Chanakya was credited with spreading the fame of the Mauryan Empire throughout the country with his unparalleled talent. Kautilya, who has been hailed as a diplomat, statesman and economist, has a lot to say about life. Every word that Chanakya utters, especially regarding females and males, will remain the same for generations to come. However, Chanakya said that women are ahead of men in those five most important things. Aventante … & nbsp;
1. Intelligence
Women are & nbsp; more intelligent than men. That is why women are able to handle difficult situations. Do not rest until the problem is solved.
2. Courage
Women also have the upper hand when it comes to courage. There is no such thing as a fear of retreating in the face of any adverse conditions. & nbsp; Considering Kautilya’s words, children are six times more courageous than men. & nbsp;
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3. Hunger
Women are queens in hunger and food Says the poor man. Suppose males generally eat more than females. But according to Kautilya, women eat more than men. Not to mention that & nbsp; females are quick to bark. & nbsp; Adults also say that women need more calories because of their body composition, so they should eat more & nbsp; This is what Chanakya says & hellip;
4. Savings & nbsp;
From the kiddie bank to the pope’s box, men can never cross women in terms of savings. I wish I could spend more money in the name of shopping, fun, makeup but & hellip; In terms of savings, it seems to be beyond that. They know how much money to shop for and how much to spend on any item. Women also have the upper hand in saving money. & Nbsp;
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5. Sexual desires
Sex is usually associated with men. But the sexual desire in children is eight times higher than in men. That’s why that feeling appears in women as soon as men are satisfied. The same thing has been made clear by medical experts. There have also been a number of studies on this. Most studies have shown that girls have the upper hand in these matters. Kautilyudu clarified that women are more ashamed than men when it comes to shame. & Nbsp;
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