Cat Saves Owners Life: Heart attack to the owner – the cat that saved the life, this is what it did!

CurrentlyMany people are keeping cats, dogs and birds. Some people love pets more than humans. They also form a good relationship with their owners. Sometimes the love and trust shown by the pets towards their owners is very comforting. Realizing that their owners are in danger, they try to save them from danger. You know that videos of such rare acts of pets are going viral on social media. 

Recently a cat has also done something similar. His attempt to save his master’s life surprises everyone. Seeing her owner who was suffering from a heart attack, she immediately started hitting his chest with her feet. Saved the life. Netizens are full of praise after seeing the cat’s effort.

Notting in England‌ Ham‌ Sam Fell‌ Stead, a 42-year-old woman, raises a cat named Billy. Seven-year-old Billy always used to hang around Sam. It never bothers him. It eats and sleeps comfortably. Sam also used to set an alarm to wake up every morning. Billie says she woke up two hours before the latest alarm. At that time she said that she was unable to move her body. Moreover.. She said that she was having extreme pain in her chest. She revealed that she was sweating all over. She said Billy was on her chest at the time. Moreover, she said that she started shouting loudly near her ear. Sam said that Billy had never done that before.

Sam said that Billy woke her up and slowly informed the doctors. She was later taken to Nottingham City Hospital. Doctors said that she suffered a heart attack in her sleep. Then she said she was shocked. She revealed that she was fine before going to bed. She revealed that she was never sick before.. At least there was no pain.  Sam is glad that Billy saved her life. She believes that if it wasn’t for Billy, she wouldn’t have survived. She revealed that she was very surprised when she told this to her mother.

Doctors revealed that Sam had a heart attack due to blockage of arteries. After being treated in the hospital for three days, she reached home. Sam said that Billy was as unhinged as ever. She revealed that she will try to show a little more love to the cat that saved her life.

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