Cat Owners Benefits: If you raise cats, you will get excited in the ‘bedroom’, you will be surprised if you know the reason!

In our country, many only breed puppies. There are very few cat breeders. However, a recent study has revealed that there are many benefits to owning cats. However, what is the link between raising cats and increasing sexual performance in humans? Perhaps.. you have never heard of it. You will surely be surprised after knowing the real thing. According to the researchers from the University of Turku in Finland, certain types of diseases are transmitted from common pets. Especially if pet dogs or cats lick your wounds, dangerous bacteria can enter the body. Because of it lives are also lost. However, researchers say that a parasite found in cats can be very beneficial to humans. Recently, scientists who have examined the owners who are raising cats. A parasite named  

‘Toxoplasma’ It is remarkable to say that it is not a dangerous parasite and moreover it also gives them health. Researchers have revealed that both men and women who have Toxoplasma become beautiful and attractive. Not only that. He said that this parasite increases sexual performance in men, causing them to engage in sex more than usual. It is believed that the reason for this is that this parasite activates some hormones. 

Researchers said that these parasites are also sexually transmitted. “Toxoplasma” has been found more in British people who breed cats. One in three people in that country is carrying this parasite. In fact, this parasite is mostly found in cat feces. Owners are infected with the parasite when they are cleaned. However, many people do not know that they are carrying ‘Toxoplasma’ 

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As part of the study, researchers analyzed the data of 213 people. ‘Toxoplasma’ Those infected with the parasite were found to be a third more attractive and healthy. Women are also underweight. However, it is still not clear why this parasite acts like this on humans. Serotonin, Dopamine mentioned as happy hormones This advantage is thought to be due to the parasite’s association with genes that control production. It increases testosterone levels and stimulates sexual desire. In some people, they burn calories. 

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