Cardiac Arrest: Do They Appear When Dying? Do you know what patients who have died of a heart attack and turned around have said?

Cardiac Arrest: Do They Appear When Dying?  Do you know what patients who have died of a heart attack and turned around have said?

Extensive research is being done on what it feels like when death approaches. Recently an interesting thing has been revealed in this regard. Some say that a light will appear. Others say that the soul does not feel separated from the body. The latest research on this has revealed a few more things. CPR is performed to revive people who have suffered cardiac arrest. The study looked at people who underwent CPR after cardiac arrest. Gurinahaki asked the opinions of those who have been on the brink of death.

According to the electroencephalogram (EEG) scan, doctors perform CPR one hour after cardiac arrest. During such time signals of brain activity are detected. The brain is thought to be permanently damaged 10 minutes after the heart is deprived of oxygen. But researchers found that to be untrue. Electrical signals are sent to the brain during CPR. The study examined 25 US and 567 UK patients who survived CPR after cardiac arrest between May 2017 and March 2020. 28 of the 53 survivors were interviewed and learned many things.

What kind of experiences they had after the cardiac arrest and what they saw in their mind was asked. “I felt someone doing something on my chest. I could not bear those jerks. It felt like someone was rubbing hard. That is a very sad situation” A survivor shared his experience.

Another said he saw a fisherman standing by the sea singing while it was raining. “I am not in my body. Physically floating without weight. I am in the intensive therapy room undergoing treatment. I can see everything that is being done to me” Another revealed. The researchers found that they were still conscious even an hour after the heart stopped. Love, joy and pain are all there. A lot of people I talked to showed up” Another said. Others remember seeing their loved ones in front of their eyes. The researchers also tested whether they could recall the sights and sounds seen during CPR. For that they were given headphones and shown 10 pictures. Three words apple, pear and banana were played. Only one of the 28 participants in the study correctly remembered the sequence of words but not the pictures. Experts feel that there is a need for more extensive research on the mental state of people who survive cardiac arrest.

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