Can’t sleep? Try this

It’s dark, but I can’t sleep. If you look at the time on mobile, it is 4 in the morning. If you wait for a while, the chicken will also start crowing. Pony, let’s sleep for a while.. Any thoughts in the brain are seen on a 70 mm screen in front of the eyes. Because of that, the eyes are closed and the brain cannot rest. If you’re reading this, do you feel the same way? Not only you, about 40 percent of people in the world have these symptoms. This is called Insomia. It has increased by 20 percent after the corona virus. Moreover, due to the sudden increase in the cost of living, the average man has to endure tremendous stress.

Anxiety has become common these days. There is no doubt that lives are being greatly affected by various pressures and lifestyle changes. Anxiety is a natural response of humans when faced with dangerous situations. Not getting a good night’s sleep and having thoughts may not always be a psychological problem, said Stephen Buckley, information on mental health charity Mind.

Writing is good

Be aware that you are the one dealing with the anxiety. Set aside some time during the day to deal with your worries. But remember that it is not night. For example, at 6 p.m., experts recommend setting aside 15 minutes to worry. If you write it once, you will feel that half of the pain is reduced. It helps you notice your thoughts at the subconscious level. There is a feeling that all the problems written now can be solved later. After that, you will have the courage to solve those problems one by one when you get a chance. 

Don’t close your eyes

If you try to sleep and forcefully close your eyes, your mind may not cooperate. That’s why you should try to open your eyes and look up. Experts say that when the pupil of the eye is pulled up, the part of the brain that inspires and gives ideas is activated. In fact, she says, this is the closest way to de-stressing the mind and body, and it also feels like solving each problem without going back to the root of the same problem over and over again.

Ask yourself: Am I really in this moment Are you in danger? If it seems that it is not, two or three long breaths should be taken from the lower stomach. Then stretch the eyelids and look up. It should be under the chin. Move the irises in a tick-tock motion. This should be continued for one minute. Then notice your body relaxing. Thoughts also slow down. 

Awaken the yogi in you

In fact yoga is a good reliever for all types of anxiety. Also a good remedy for insomnia. If you have repetitive thoughts, practicing yoga every morning will help to get rid of this problem. Try to stay in each asana for five minutes. Breathing should be long and full. When you take a long breath like this, all the organs in the body get enough oxygen. Heart rate slows down when released. Practicing meditation in the evening or before going to sleep will quickly slow down your thoughts and pave the way for falling asleep. It gives a kind of satisfaction to the mind. Or if you are interested in reading a book, you must continue that habit. It is a good way not only for knowledge acquisition but also for relaxation. Or learning some new art is also good. Experts advise that this is a good way to overcome anxiety.

Don’t force it

Trying to pretend you can’t sleep will do no good. The little sleep that you try to get goes further. Rather than accept what is happening in life now, ask yourself what you expect, drink a glass of water and go to bed once you have a chance to fall asleep. There’s also a saying that trying to stay awake means a little more sleep, so it’s better to pretend to be awake.

Should you consult a professional?

If your pain and anxiety seem to be affecting your ability, you can seek professional help. . If your anxiety is bothering you more then it’s a good idea to keep a record of the time you go to sleep and the time you wake up for two weeks. You should consult your doctor with that record. They can analyze the reasons and give you good advice. Talking therapy like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can get good results.

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