Can’t sleep, is your hair turning like this? Could be a protein deficiency!

Can’t sleep, is your hair turning like this?  Could be a protein deficiency!

People think that protein is only needed by those who want to build muscle. But in fact, along with carbohydrates and fat, protein is the most important nutrient for the body. 

Protein is a very important nutrient in the food we eat. It can be said that it is like fuel for the formation and maintenance of every cell in the body. But our body can store fat but not protein. So make sure that you have enough protein in your daily diet. Protein is essential for building muscle. Adequate protein is required when tissues are damaged.

Protein helps oxygenate the body. Moreover, protein is necessary for all metabolisms like hormone regulation and digestion. Especially after exercise  Protein is essential for the recovery of tissues and for the re-energization of weakened muscles. Adequate protein intake can reduce muscle loss as we age. Adequate protein intake is necessary to keep weight under control. Protein also regulates appetite.

How to detect protein deficiency in the body?

Note if you are experiencing these symptoms

Sleep< /strong>

Can’t sleep on time? Struggling to sleep? It is said that there is a difference in the regulation of hormones required for night sleep. It means you are not getting enough of the protein needed to regulate hormones.

Hair loss

Hair is made of a protein called keratin. If you don’t get enough protein on a consistent basis, your hair will gradually thin, weaken and fall out. If you don’t get enough protein, the body  In order to preserve protein, it stops using it for unnecessary processes such as hair growth. Often when you get sick like this it means you are not getting enough protein. Protein is essential for a strong immune system. Without enough protein, the number of white blood cells decreases and the immune system weakens. Hence they are prone to frequent infections.

Frequent eating

Frequent urge to eat, needing to eat something between meals, always feeling hungry. Symptoms of protein deficiency. Craving for sweets means that there is not enough protein in the body.

Wound healing

If even a small wound takes a long time to heal, don’t think that it is due to diabetes. A protein deficiency takes time to form the collagen needed for wound healing. That’s why when surgeries are done, doctors suggest to eat food rich in protein to make stitches stick well.

Brain Fog

It should be noted that even if there is a lack of concentration, the protein has decreased. Carbohydrates are essential for the brain to function properly. Protein is needed to break these down and turn them into energy. Therefore, when protein is reduced, due to improper breakdown of carbohydrates, brain function slows down and concentration is lacking. Experts suggest that it is necessary to observe the amount of protein in the food you are taking if you do not see adequate results even if you exercise a lot.

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