Can’t sleep? Having nightmares? Avoid these foods at night

Many people suffer from sleep related problems. There are many people who can’t sleep at night, even after sleeping, they wake up in the middle of nightmares.  Such people should avoid certain types of food at night. These can also cause insomnia. Or even more likely to have nightmares. If you have to eat them, you should eat them at breakfast or lunch. Do not eat after evening. 

It is rich in tryptophan. It prevents sleep. It prevents the sleep-inducing hormone serotonin from functioning properly. Studies have shown that tryptophan causes frequent awakenings during sleep. This leads to nightmares. 

Pasta, bread
These two are high in carbohydrates. It gets converted into glucose in the body. This causes the blood sugar levels to rise and sleeplessness. Waking up in the middle of sleep. Nightmares are also more likely. 

Eating a piece of chocolate every day is very good. But it is enough to eat that piece in the morning or in the afternoon. Eating at night does not induce sleep. Chocolate is high in caffeine. It reduces the ability to fall into deep sleep. Feel restless. Nightmares also ensue. 

According to a study, greasy foods like chips are high in fat. It takes a long  time to digest. Eating these at night does not make you feel peaceful. Sleep is also not good. 

Hot cocoa
Many people drink this in coffee shops. It is prepared by adding milk, sugar and cocoa powder. It gives warmth to the body. Drinking it at night causes discomfort in the digestive system. It also increases blood pressure, resulting in sleeplessness and waking up with nightmares. 

According to Ayurveda, taking yogurt at night causes mucus build-up in the lungs. This causes obstruction of breathing. Increases blood flow to the brain. Not feeling rested. This will not help you sleep. 

Soda is rich in sugar and caffeine content. It stimulates the brain even during sleep. Due to this the brain is not resting. Mad dreams come. 

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