Cancer Symptoms: Are Your Eyes Changing? Beware, canners!

QThe number of cancer patients worldwide is increasing day by day. Most types of cancer do not show any symptoms at baseline. Deaths are also very high due to it. One such cancer is pancreatic cancer. Even in this cancer, no major symptoms are seen at the basic level. But experts say that if you look very closely, you can notice some minor problems. In this problem, the skin and the white part of the eye become yellow. Urine is also dark in color. Stools are darker than normal. Jaundice occurs when cancer starts in the head of the pancreas. This is because the bile duct is blocked by a cancerous tumor. Bile juice is secreted into the small intestine through the bile duct. But due to blockage of this duct, the flow of bile is obstructed. Because of this, this bile gets directly into the urine. As a result, the urine is yellow in color. Faeces are pale in color due to bile juice not passing through the intestines. Bile juice is yellow in color, so the skin turns yellow. It may not be as noticeable in those who are slightly less pigmented. Along with jaundice, other symptoms are also seen.

Abdominal or lower back pain

This symptom is seen in about 70 percent of people suffering from pancreatic cancer. This cancer can cause pain in the stomach or waist. 

Inevitable weight loss

People who are newly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer have recently lost up to 10 percent of their weight. This is how you lose weight without any effort.


Many people develop diabetes before this problem is diagnosed. Diabetes can occur years before a cancer diagnosis. If sugar is not under control, symptoms such as needing to urinate more often, thirst, and hunger may appear. 

Dizzy eyes

This cancer may also cause itchy skin in some people.  Experts say that the reason for some people’s frequent dizziness is jaundice and inflammation of the pancreas.


This condition is caused by the blockage of the bile duct. In this, a large amount of fecal matter is excreted.

Fever, shivering

Jaundice, inflammation in the pancreas often causes fever. When the fever is high, chills and shivering may also occur.


In many people, this may not be a symptom of cancer, but if it is a frequent problem and does not subside with any medication, you should consult a doctor.

Blood clotting

Experts say that this cancer can cause blood clotting problems. This is how the blood clots in the small blood vessels. Sometimes these disappear on their own. Occurs elsewhere. Symptoms can be difficult to detect when an endocrine pancreatic tumor is present. Because many of these do not produce hormones. Therefore, there are no specific symptoms. All these symptoms can also be due to other illnesses. But it is imperative to ascertain the cause of these symptoms. Experts suggest that if a new symptom appears and it does not subside quickly, neglect is not helpful.

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