Can you lose weight by eating burgers? A British citizen who lost 57 kg and felt aura!

Can you lose weight by eating burgers?  A British citizen who lost 57 kg and felt aura!

Many people fear that they will gain weight if they eat pizzas and burgers. Moreover, doctors also tell us to stay away from them. However, a man from Britain lost weight by eating only burgers. Not two, not three.. They lost 57 kg weight together and surprised. With this, the researchers turned him into an item.

A British citizen named Chris shared his weight loss through Instagram. Not just portion control, we also need to focus on how many calories we consume, says Chris. ‘‘I am a fast food lover. I put a plate full of food that I like. As soon as he felt full, he used to stop eating’’ He said.

However, he told himself to eat less than normal to stay fit, put less food on the plate and serve more if he is still hungry. ‘‘You also serve as much as you want. Put a little less first. Then add some more. Also.. Don’t try to eat the whole thing by putting more food in the hope of filling the plate’’

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the brain to send signals to the body that the stomach is full. So there is a risk of overeating by rushing the meal. So, Chris also said to take some time and eat slowly. It took almost two and a half years for him to reach his desired body weight even though he was eating to his heart’s content. He also explained in his post that it is never good to take short cuts to lose weight, a healthy body is possible with just dedication to lose weight, some small precautions, rules and adequate exercise. According to him, it is possible to keep the body weight stable only by losing weight in the old methods.

How to do portion control?

  • It is always better to use a small plate for meals. Because food on a big plate makes you feel less. So there is a risk of over serving.
  • Carbohydrates should be less.
  • Measuring cups should be used while cooking.
  • Don’t think about leftovers.
  • Food labels must be read while shopping.
  • Drink a glass of water before starting to eat.
  • Do not eat directly from the container. Food should be eaten only after it is served on the plate.

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