Bruce Lee 1 Inch Punch: Bruce Lee One Inch Punch is the world’s favorite, what is special about this punch? Why is it world famous? What are the scientific reasons behind this?

Bruce Lee is a legendary martial artist. Many youngsters still love his movies.  Movies like Fist of Fury, The Way of the Dragon are mesmerized. He is not only a film actor but also a wonderful director. A unique talent in martial arts. A philosopher beyond that. If you talk about Bruce Lee and his martial arts techniques, it will be India, if you write it, it will be Ramayana. Artist

Bruce Lee on November 27, 1940  Born in San Francisco, USA. He grew up in Hong Kong and became a karate fighter. Lee’s real name is Lee John Phan. He gained fame as a famous martial artist in the 20th century. He used to take care to reflect Chinese traditions in his films and art. Kung Fu, a traditional Chinese art, was shown in his movies. That’s why the Chinese loved him so much. ;who use new techniques. Those who attempt kicks that are impossible for anyone else in the world. The one inch punch introduced by him has gained worldwide recognition. He surprised everyone by using this punch for the first time in the Long Beach International Karate Championship in 1964. With the hand just an inch away from the opponent, the most powerful punch is thrown in the blink of an eye. He knocked him down with a single punch. No one there could figure out how it was possible to throw this punch.  Many studies have continued on one inch punch for a long time. Finally, the researchers came to the conclusion that this is possible only with the technique. Naturally, the blow will strike powerfully unless the hand is thrown strongly by gathering all the strength in the body. But Lee could cut even the thickest wood with a one-inch punch. Even many seasoned martial artists were surprised as they did not know how to get such a strong blow if they hit the target just an inch away. Currently, One Inch Punch has earned a special place in international martial arts. However, throwing this punch is only possible for highly skilled martial artists. A one-inch punch has about 153 pounds (69 kg) of force.

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One Inch Punch Backward Science

< p> To know about Bruce Lee’s master move one inch punch, you have to look into physiology and neuroscience. It can be said that Lee’s One Inch Punch has no competition in martial arts. With this punch from just one inch away  There is a possibility of knocking down opponents. Lee was extremely skilled in this technique. Although the biomechanics behind the power of a one-inch punch are not trivial, the brain is highly stressed upon the impact of the punch. More than muscle power, the power from the human body is more effective. Although Lee’s fist travels only an inch in milliseconds, the punch relies on full body movement. According to Stanford University biomechanical researcher Jessica Rose, Lee’s punch is lightning fast. To get such strength, starting from his legs and reaching his brain, all the energies used to come to one point. Lee’s hips gave a tremendous boost of speed following the sudden jerk of his legs. It gradually reaches from the shoulder to the wrist. Rose reveals that his elbow works with his fist to throw a fast punch. After the punch reached the target, Lee would immediately pull back with almost the same speed. Rose revealed that timing, along with muscle coordination, was a key factor behind the one-inch punch. 

Martial Arts Neuroscience

In 2012 Ed, a neuroscientist at Imperial College London‌ Roberts did a study on the one inch punch. It compared punching strength (a little less than 2 inches) between people who had taken karate training and people who had not practiced martial arts. "The first thing we discovered is that karate experts can punch much harder than normal, untrained people.  Experts like Bruce Lee discovered that complex movement can deliver the most powerful punch. Like Lee’s muscles, he said, his brainpower was hard-earned through years of rigorous training. Bruce Lee died at just 32 years old. There are many wonderful events in his career. Lee privately charges $275 an hour to teach kung fu classes.  In fighting, Bruce Lee’s hands move faster than the blink of an eye. Lee is the most skilled in the one inch punch. Less than five decades ago, he brought world-class recognition to this one-inch punch.

He died on July 20, 1973. He suddenly collapsed while dubbing for the movie Enter the Dragon in Golden Harvest Studio. He was immediately rushed to Baptist Hospital in Hong Kong. He had already gone into a coma. He died within an hour. Doctors said that he died due to swelling of the brain. Recently, the researchers revealed the secret of his death. Because the kidneys are unable to excrete excess water, the brain swells and dies. Bruce Lee, who says that water is his friend, is revealed to have been killed by water. His movie Enter the Dragon was released after his death. 

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