Breast Cancer: Don’t ignore the small symptoms of breast cancer, if you see something like this, be careful!

These days many types of cancer scare people. However, most of these cancers can be completely cured and lead a normal life if detected at an early stage and treated properly. One such cancer is breast cancer. The sooner it is detected, the better it can be treated. In order to recognize that, first we need to understand breast cancer and its symptoms. Check it out. 

⦿ It is true that most of the time breast cancer symptoms are neglected rather than being detected. One such neglected feature is arm pits. That is to identify the changes that have occurred in many corners. Also, another symptom that is not considered at all is the changes seen in the collar bone.

⦿ Breast cancer is the most common cancer in urban areas of India. It is seen in both men and women. But slightly more in women. Early detection of symptoms plays an important role in the treatment of this cancer. Above all, breast changes should be detected as soon as possible. This means that the size and shape of the breasts should be checked regularly. Many people neglect to notice these things.

⦿ Most of the time the features seen in arm pits are ignored. Moreover, the changes in the collar bone are not noticed much. In breast cancer, the cancerous tumor formed in the breast can spread to the corners of the arm like a tail. 

⦿ Under the collar bone, the tissues related to the breast and the glands are under the collar bone. So whatever the change in the collar bone is, the advice of the experts is that neglecting it will not work.

⦿ The important organ to be examined later Nipples are breast nipples. If the nipples are red or swollen, neglect is not helpful. Even if folded inwards, the nipples are so low that there is no need to worry too much. It is necessary to consult a doctor immediately even if there is a discharge from the breast. Do not neglect any kind of lump, whether it is small, hard or soft, when touched by hand. Many times the cysts that are formed like this look as if they were done by hand. are painless.  

⦿ Not all lumps that look like this are cancerous. But the expert’s argument is not to be neglected.  As soon as such symptoms appear, it is imperative to consult a doctor and undergo appropriate tests to ascertain the cause of the symptoms. Even a small negligence sometimes becomes a big  May cause price. So it is necessary to notice even minor changes. 

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