Breast Cancer: Do you know about mammography and ultrasound tests that detect breast cancer?

Breast Cancer: Do you know about mammography and ultrasound tests that detect breast cancer?

The most common cancer in women is breast cancer. Ultrasound scanning and mammography are done to find out about this disease. These check the breast for cancer. But the names of these exams are heard but no one knows much about them. Why are these tests done? Let’s know what are the precautions to be taken before doing them.

Do not wear any skin products on the day of ultrasound and mammogram test. Skin softening creams should not be applied.

Loose clothing should be worn to the hospital. Then it will be easy to remove them before the test.

What not to eat and drink before going to the test

If there are any precautions during the test, you must ask the doctor.

How is a breast ultrasound performed?

The technician applies a gel to the skin of the breast. The tissues are studied precisely by moving the transducer over the skin of the breast. Before performing this test, the patient should remove jewelry and clothing.

How is a mammogram performed?

Electromagnetic rays, invisible to the eye, are used to take pictures of the internal tissue of the breasts. Nowadays digital mammography is used. According to the John Hopkins website, digital mammography is performed in the same way as a regular mammogram. It takes pictures of the breasts through computer technology. A mammograph requires remote access. These images are examined by a radiologist.

What is mammography?

Mammography is a breast X-ray. Breast lumps, skin condition, indentation, shape of nipples are checked. Breast cancer, tumors and cysts are detected. There are different types of mammograms, such as a screening mammogram and a diagnostic mammogram.

What is an ultrasound?

This is an imaging test. The inside of the breasts are checked for any abnormalities using sound waves. This test is done when a change is seen in the mammogram. Abnormalities that cannot be seen in a mammogram can also be detected. Both of them look to learn about breast cancer. Even if you know the names of these, you don’t know why they are done.

Who should undergo these tests?

It is important to know not only why these tests should be done, but also who should do them. Women over 40 are advised to undergo breast screening tests once a year. If anyone in the family has a history of breast cancer, such people should be cautious if they get screened annually after the age of 30.  

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