Bombay Blood Group: Bombay Blood Group is the rarest, how did it get its name from a city?

Every human being born has a definite blood group. Everyone should know their blood group. You need to know the blood group to donate when someone needs it, or for others to donate to you when you need it. Generally, most of the people born in the world are positive or negative in blood groups A, B, O… Because these are normal groups. AB negative blood group is quite rare.  The rarest blood group of all is the ‘Bombay Blood Group’ It should be said. This is so rare that only 179 people have this blood group in our country. Also, only four out of ten million people in the world have this blood group. That means how rare it is.

Why the name Bombay?
Didn’t we say that there are 179 people with this blood group in our country, most of them live in Mumbai. This blood group was discovered by those living in Bombay at that time. This blood group was discovered in 1952 in a family in Bombay. From then on they started calling it Bombay blood group.  This blood group is believed to be from Bombay and from there they went to other places for work. This blood is also imported and exported to other countries if needed. Once when a female patient from Myanmar underwent heart surgery, Bombay blood group was required. If a donor donates blood in India, the blood is exported to Myanmar. It was also  sent by courier. 

There is an organization for people with this blood.  BombayBloodGroup.Org website has this blood group to register their details. This allows them to receive and donate blood from a donor when they need it. After collection, this blood is stored safely for a year. 

What is so special about it?
Red blood cells of normal blood groups contain sugar molecules. They determine the blood group. These molecules are known as the ‘Capital H Antigen’ occurs. Antigen A and B are also formed. By all these the blood group is determined. But Bombay blood group does not contain sugar molecules. Capital H antigen is also absent. However, their blood plasma contains antibodies A, B, and H. That is why this blood is very rare and different compared to other blood types. 

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